AVFilterBufferRef Struct Reference

A reference to an AVFilterBuffer. More...

#include <avfilter.h>

Data Fields

 the buffer that this is a reference to
uint8_tdata [8]
 picture/audio data for each plane
int linesize [8]
 number of bytes per line
int format
 media format
int64_t pts
 presentation timestamp.
int64_t pos
 byte position in stream, -1 if unknown
int perms
 permissions, see the AV_PERM_* flags
enum AVMediaType type
 media type of buffer data
 video buffer specific properties
 audio buffer specific properties
uint8_t ** extended_data
 pointers to the data planes/channels.

Detailed Description

A reference to an AVFilterBuffer.

Since filters can manipulate the origin of a buffer to, for example, crop image without any memcpy, the buffer origin and dimensions are per-reference properties. Linesize is also useful for image flipping, frame to field filters, etc, and so is also per-reference.

TODO: add anything necessary for frame reordering

Definition at line 152 of file avfilter.h.

Field Documentation

pointers to the data planes/channels.

For video, this should simply point to data[].

For planar audio, each channel has a separate data pointer, and linesize[0] contains the size of each channel buffer. For packed audio, there is just one data pointer, and linesize[0] contains the total size of the buffer for all channels.

Note: Both data and extended_data will always be set, but for planar audio with more channels that can fit in data, extended_data must be used in order to access all channels.

Definition at line 186 of file avfilter.h.

Referenced by avfilter_copy_buf_props(), avfilter_get_audio_buffer_ref_from_arrays(), avfilter_get_video_buffer_ref_from_arrays(), avfilter_ref_buffer(), avfilter_unref_buffer(), copy_buffer_ref(), ff_filter_samples(), filter_samples(), output_frame(), read_from_fifo(), request_frame(), and write_to_fifo().

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