RV30/40 VLC generating functions


static void rv34_gen_vlc (const uint8_t *bits, int size, VLC *vlc, const uint8_t *insyms)
 Generate VLC from codeword lengths.
static av_cold void rv34_init_tables (void)
 Initialize all tables.

Function Documentation

static void rv34_gen_vlc ( const uint8_t *  bits,
int  size,
VLC vlc,
const uint8_t *  insyms 
) [static]

Generate VLC from codeword lengths.

bits codeword lengths (zeroes are accepted)
size length of input data
vlc output VLC
insyms symbols for input codes (NULL for default ones)

Definition at line 71 of file rv34.c.

Referenced by rv34_init_tables().

static av_cold void rv34_init_tables ( void   )  [static]

Initialize all tables.

Definition at line 104 of file rv34.c.

Referenced by ff_rv34_decode_init().

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