SBRData Struct Reference

Spectral Band Replication per channel data. More...

#include <sbr.h>

Data Fields

unsigned bs_frame_class
unsigned bs_add_harmonic_flag
unsigned bs_num_env
uint8_t bs_freq_res [7]
unsigned bs_num_noise
uint8_t bs_df_env [5]
uint8_t bs_df_noise [2]
uint8_t bs_invf_mode [2][5]
uint8_t bs_add_harmonic [48]
unsigned bs_amp_res
float synthesis_filterbank_samples [SBR_SYNTHESIS_BUF_SIZE]
float analysis_filterbank_samples [1312]
int synthesis_filterbank_samples_offset
int e_a [2]
 l_APrev and l_A
float bw_array [5]
 Chirp factors.
float W [2][32][32][2]
 QMF values of the original signal.
float Y [2][38][64][2]
 QMF output of the HF adjustor.
float g_temp [42][48]
float q_temp [42][48]
uint8_t s_indexmapped [8][48]
float env_facs [6][48]
 Envelope scalefactors.
float noise_facs [3][5]
 Noise scalefactors.
uint8_t t_env [8]
 Envelope time borders.
uint8_t t_env_num_env_old
 Envelope time border of the last envelope of the previous frame.
uint8_t t_q [3]
 Noise time borders.
unsigned f_indexnoise
unsigned f_indexsine

Detailed Description

Spectral Band Replication per channel data.

Definition at line 59 of file sbr.h.

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