libavformat/riff.c File Reference

#include "libavutil/mathematics.h"
#include "libavcodec/avcodec.h"
#include "avformat.h"
#include "avio_internal.h"
#include "riff.h"
#include "libavcodec/bytestream.h"
#include "libavutil/avassert.h"

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void ff_parse_specific_params (AVCodecContext *stream, int *au_rate, int *au_ssize, int *au_scale)
void ff_get_guid (AVIOContext *s, ff_asf_guid *g)
enum AVCodecID ff_codec_guid_get_id (const AVCodecGuid *guids, ff_asf_guid guid)
int ff_read_riff_info (AVFormatContext *s, int64_t size)


const AVCodecTag ff_codec_bmp_tags []
const AVCodecTag ff_codec_wav_tags []
const AVCodecGuid ff_codec_wav_guids []
const AVMetadataConv ff_riff_info_conv []
const char ff_riff_tags [][5]

Function Documentation

enum AVCodecID ff_codec_guid_get_id ( const AVCodecGuid guids,
ff_asf_guid  guid 

Definition at line 747 of file riff.c.

Referenced by parse_media_type().

void ff_get_guid ( AVIOContext s,
ff_asf_guid g 

void ff_parse_specific_params ( AVCodecContext stream,
int au_rate,
int au_ssize,
int au_scale 

Definition at line 710 of file riff.c.

Referenced by avi_write_counters(), avi_write_header(), and nut_write_header().

int ff_read_riff_info ( AVFormatContext s,
int64_t  size 

Definition at line 757 of file riff.c.

Referenced by avi_load_index(), and avi_read_header().

Variable Documentation

Initial value:

    {AV_CODEC_ID_AC3,        {0x2C,0x80,0x6D,0xE0,0x46,0xDB,0xCF,0x11,0xB4,0xD1,0x00,0x80,0x5F,0x6C,0xBB,0xEA}},
    {AV_CODEC_ID_ATRAC3P,    {0xBF,0xAA,0x23,0xE9,0x58,0xCB,0x71,0x44,0xA1,0x19,0xFF,0xFA,0x01,0xE4,0xCE,0x62}},
    {AV_CODEC_ID_EAC3,       {0xAF,0x87,0xFB,0xA7,0x02,0x2D,0xFB,0x42,0xA4,0xD4,0x05,0xCD,0x93,0x84,0x3B,0xDD}},
    {AV_CODEC_ID_MP2,        {0x2B,0x80,0x6D,0xE0,0x46,0xDB,0xCF,0x11,0xB4,0xD1,0x00,0x80,0x5F,0x6C,0xBB,0xEA}},

Definition at line 389 of file riff.c.

Referenced by parse_media_type(), and write_stream_codec_info().

Initial value:

    { "IART", "artist"    },
    { "ICMT", "comment"   },
    { "ICOP", "copyright" },
    { "ICRD", "date"      },
    { "IGNR", "genre"     },
    { "ILNG", "language"  },
    { "INAM", "title"     },
    { "IPRD", "album"     },
    { "IPRT", "track"     },
    { "ISFT", "encoder"   },
    { "ISMP", "timecode"  },
    { "ITCH", "encoded_by"},
    { 0 },

Definition at line 397 of file riff.c.

Referenced by avi_read_header().

const char ff_riff_tags[][5]

Initial value:

    "IARL", "IART", "ICMS", "ICMT", "ICOP", "ICRD", "ICRP", "IDIM", "IDPI",
    "IENG", "IGNR", "IKEY", "ILGT", "ILNG", "IMED", "INAM", "IPLT", "IPRD",
    "IPRT", "ISBJ", "ISFT", "ISHP", "ISMP", "ISRC", "ISRF", "ITCH",

Definition at line 413 of file riff.c.

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