CELPMContext Struct Reference

#include <celp_math.h>

Data Fields

float(* dot_productf )(const float *a, const float *b, int length)
 Return the dot product.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 28 of file celp_math.h.

Field Documentation

float(* CELPMContext::dot_productf)(const float *a, const float *b, int length)

Return the dot product.

a input data array
b input data array
length number of elements
dot product = sum of elementwise products

Referenced by amrnb_decode_frame(), amrwb_decode_frame(), ff_celp_math_init(), ff_celp_math_init_mips(), find_hb_gain(), postfilter(), scaled_hb_excitation(), synthesis(), tilt_factor(), upsample_5_4(), and voice_factor().

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