ConcatContext::ConcatContext::concat_in Struct Reference

Data Fields

int64_t pts
int64_t nb_frames
unsigned eof
struct FFBufQueue queue

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file avf_concat.c.

Field Documentation

unsigned ConcatContext::ConcatContext::concat_in::eof

Definition at line 48 of file avf_concat.c.

Referenced by close_input(), and request_frame().

int64_t ConcatContext::ConcatContext::concat_in::nb_frames

Definition at line 47 of file avf_concat.c.

int64_t ConcatContext::ConcatContext::concat_in::pts

Definition at line 46 of file avf_concat.c.

Referenced by find_next_delta_ts(), and send_silence().

struct FFBufQueue ConcatContext::ConcatContext::concat_in::queue [read]

Definition at line 49 of file avf_concat.c.

Referenced by flush_segment(), process_frame(), and uninit().

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