URLContext Struct Reference

#include <url.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassav_class
 information for av_log().
struct URLProtocolprot
void * priv_data
char * filename
 specified URL
int flags
int max_packet_size
 if non zero, the stream is packetized with this max packet size
int is_streamed
 true if streamed (no seek possible), default = false
int is_connected
AVIOInterruptCB interrupt_callback
int64_t rw_timeout
 maximum time to wait for (network) read/write operation completion, in mcs

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file url.h.

Field Documentation

information for av_log().

Set by url_open().

Definition at line 42 of file url.h.

Referenced by url_alloc_for_protocol().

specified URL

Definition at line 45 of file url.h.

Referenced by ffurl_connect(), file_check(), md5_close(), rtmp_open(), send_invoke_response(), and url_alloc_for_protocol().

Definition at line 49 of file url.h.

Referenced by ffurl_closep(), and ffurl_connect().

if non zero, the stream is packetized with this max packet size

Definition at line 47 of file url.h.

Referenced by ffio_fdopen(), ffurl_write(), http_prepare_data(), rtmp_open(), rtp_new_av_stream(), rtp_open(), sap_write_header(), udp_open(), and url_alloc_for_protocol().

Definition at line 44 of file url.h.

Referenced by bluray_close(), bluray_open(), bluray_read(), bluray_seek(), cache_close(), cache_open(), cache_read(), cache_seek(), check_disc_info(), concat_close(), concat_open(), concat_read(), concat_seek(), crypto_close(), crypto_open(), crypto_read(), do_tls_poll(), ff_http_do_new_request(), ff_http_init_auth_state(), ff_rtmpe_compute_secret_key(), ff_rtmpe_gen_pub_key(), ff_rtmpe_update_keystream(), ff_rtp_get_local_rtcp_port(), ff_rtp_get_local_rtp_port(), ff_rtp_set_remote_url(), ff_udp_get_local_port(), ff_udp_set_remote_url(), ffurl_closep(), file_get_handle(), file_read(), file_write(), find_tracked_method(), get_packet(), gopher_close(), gopher_open(), gopher_read(), gopher_write(), handle_chunk_size(), handle_client_bw(), handle_invoke(), handle_invoke_result(), handle_invoke_status(), handle_notify(), handle_ping(), handle_server_bw(), hls_close(), hls_open(), hls_read(), http_buf_read(), http_close(), http_connect(), http_get_file_handle(), http_open(), http_open_cnx(), http_read(), http_read_header(), http_seek(), http_shutdown(), http_write(), md5_close(), md5_open(), md5_write(), mms_close(), mms_open(), mms_read(), mmsh_close(), mmsh_open_internal(), mmsh_read(), mmsh_read_seek(), mmsh_seek(), open_input(), parse_playlist(), process_line(), rtmp_calc_swfhash(), rtmp_close(), rtmp_get_file_handle(), rtmp_http_close(), rtmp_http_open(), rtmp_http_read(), rtmp_http_send_cmd(), rtmp_http_write(), rtmp_open(), rtmp_read(), rtmp_read_pause(), rtmp_read_seek(), rtmp_write(), rtmpe_close(), rtmpe_open(), rtmpe_read(), rtmpe_write(), rtp_close(), rtp_get_file_handle(), rtp_get_multi_file_handle(), rtp_open(), rtp_read(), rtp_write(), sctp_close(), sctp_get_file_handle(), sctp_open(), sctp_read(), sctp_write(), send_invoke_response(), set_options(), tcp_close(), tcp_get_file_handle(), tcp_open(), tcp_read(), tcp_shutdown(), tcp_write(), tls_close(), tls_open(), tls_read(), tls_write(), udp_close(), udp_get_file_handle(), udp_open(), udp_read(), udp_write(), url_alloc_for_protocol(), and urlcontext_child_next().

struct URLProtocol* URLContext::prot [read]

maximum time to wait for (network) read/write operation completion, in mcs

Definition at line 51 of file url.h.

Referenced by retry_transfer_wrapper(), and udp_open().

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