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allformats.c File Reference
#include "libavutil/thread.h"
#include "libavformat/internal.h"
#include "avformat.h"
#include "rtp.h"
#include "rdt.h"
#include "url.h"
#include "version.h"
#include "libavformat/muxer_list.c"
#include "libavformat/demuxer_list.c"

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const AVOutputFormatav_muxer_iterate (void **opaque)
 Iterate over all registered muxers. More...
const AVInputFormatav_demuxer_iterate (void **opaque)
 Iterate over all registered demuxers. More...
void avpriv_register_devices (const AVOutputFormat *const o[], const AVInputFormat *const i[])


AVOutputFormat ff_a64_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_aac_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ac3_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ac3_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_acm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_act_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_adf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_adp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ads_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_adts_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_adx_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_adx_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aea_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_afc_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_aiff_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_aiff_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aix_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_amr_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_amr_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_amrnb_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_amrwb_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_anm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_apc_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ape_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_apng_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_apng_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aptx_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_aptx_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aptx_hd_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_aptx_hd_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_aqtitle_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_asf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_asf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_asf_o_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ass_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ass_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ast_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ast_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_asf_stream_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_au_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_au_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_avi_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_avi_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_avisynth_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_avm2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_avr_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_avs_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_avs2_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_avs2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_bethsoftvid_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bfi_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bintext_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bink_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bit_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_bit_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_bmv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_bfstm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_brstm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_boa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_c93_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_caf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_caf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_cavsvideo_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_cavsvideo_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_cdg_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_cdxl_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_cine_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_codec2_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_codec2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_codec2raw_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_codec2raw_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_concat_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_crc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dash_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_dash_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_data_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_data_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_daud_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_daud_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dcstr_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dfa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dhav_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dirac_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_dirac_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dnxhd_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_dnxhd_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dsf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dsicin_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dss_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dts_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_dts_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dtshd_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_dv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_dvbsub_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dvbtxt_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_dxa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ea_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ea_cdata_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_eac3_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_eac3_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_epaf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_f4v_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ffmetadata_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ffmetadata_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_fifo_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_fifo_test_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_filmstrip_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_filmstrip_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_fits_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_fits_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_flac_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_flac_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_flic_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_flv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_flv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_live_flv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_fourxm_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_framecrc_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_framehash_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_framemd5_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_frm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_fsb_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_g722_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_g722_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_g723_1_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_g723_1_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_g726_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_g726_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_g726le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_g726le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_g729_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_gdv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_genh_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_gif_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_gif_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_gsm_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_gsm_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_gxf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_gxf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_h261_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_h261_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_h263_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_h263_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_h264_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_h264_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_hash_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_hcom_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_hds_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_hevc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_hevc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_hls_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_hls_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_hnm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ico_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ico_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_idcin_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_idf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_iff_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ifv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ilbc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ilbc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_image2_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_image2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_image2pipe_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_image2pipe_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_image2_alias_pix_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image2_brender_pix_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ingenient_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ipmovie_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ipod_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ircam_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ircam_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ismv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_iss_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_iv8_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ivf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ivf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ivr_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_jacosub_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_jacosub_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_jv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_kux_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_latm_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_lmlm4_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_loas_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_lrc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_lrc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_lvf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_lxf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_m4v_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_m4v_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_md5_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_matroska_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_matroska_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_matroska_audio_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mgsts_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_microdvd_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_microdvd_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mjpeg_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mjpeg_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mjpeg_2000_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mlp_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mlp_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mlv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mm_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mmf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mmf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mov_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mov_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mp2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mp3_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mp3_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mp4_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpc_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpc8_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1system_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1vcd_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1video_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2dvd_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2svcd_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2video_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2vob_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpegps_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpegts_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpegts_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpegtsraw_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpegvideo_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpjpeg_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mpjpeg_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpl2_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mpsub_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_msf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_msnwc_tcp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mtaf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mtv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_musx_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mvi_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_mxf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_d10_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_opatom_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_mxg_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_nc_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_nistsphere_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_nsp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_nsv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_null_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_nut_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_nut_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_nuv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_oga_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ogg_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ogg_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_ogv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_oma_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_oma_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_opus_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_paf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_alaw_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_alaw_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_mulaw_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_mulaw_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_vidc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_vidc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f64be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f64be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f64le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f64le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f32be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f32be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f32le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f32le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s32be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s32be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s32le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s32le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s24be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s24be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s24le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s24le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s16be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s16be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s16le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s16le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s8_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s8_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u32be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u32be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u32le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u32le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u24be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u24be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u24le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u24le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u16be_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u16be_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u16le_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u16le_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u8_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u8_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pjs_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_pmp_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_psp_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_pva_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_pvf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_qcp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_r3d_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_rawvideo_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rawvideo_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_realtext_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_redspark_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_rl2_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_rm_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rm_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_roq_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_roq_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_rpl_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_rsd_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_rso_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rso_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_rtp_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rtp_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rtp_mpegts_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_rtsp_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_rtsp_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_s337m_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sami_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sap_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sap_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_sbc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sbc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_sbg_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_scc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_scc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_sdp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sdr2_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sds_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sdx_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_segafilm_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_segafilm_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_segment_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_stream_segment_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_ser_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_shorten_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_siff_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_singlejpeg_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_sln_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_smacker_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_smjpeg_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_smjpeg_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_smoothstreaming_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_smush_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sol_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sox_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sox_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_spx_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_spdif_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_spdif_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_srt_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_srt_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_str_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_stl_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_subviewer1_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_subviewer_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_sup_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_sup_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_svag_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_swf_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_swf_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_tak_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_tee_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_tedcaptions_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_tg2_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_tgp_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_thp_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_threedostr_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_tiertexseq_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_mkvtimestamp_v2_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_tmv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_truehd_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_truehd_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_tta_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_tta_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_txd_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_tty_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_ty_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_uncodedframecrc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_v210_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_v210x_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vag_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vc1_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_vc1_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_vc1t_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_vc1t_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_vividas_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vivo_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vmd_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vobsub_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_voc_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_voc_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_vpk_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vplayer_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vqf_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_w64_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_w64_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_wav_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_wav_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_wc3_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_webm_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_webm_dash_manifest_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_webm_dash_manifest_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_webm_chunk_muxer
AVOutputFormat ff_webp_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_webvtt_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_webvtt_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_wsaud_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_wsd_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_wsvqa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_wtv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_wtv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_wve_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_wv_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_wv_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_xa_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_xbin_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_xmv_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_xvag_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_xwma_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_yop_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_yuv4mpegpipe_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_yuv4mpegpipe_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_bmp_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_dds_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_dpx_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_exr_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_gif_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_j2k_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_jpeg_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_jpegls_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pam_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pbm_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pcx_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pgmyuv_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pgm_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_pictor_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_png_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_ppm_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_psd_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_qdraw_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_sgi_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_svg_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_sunrast_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_tiff_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_webp_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_xpm_pipe_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_image_xwd_pipe_demuxer
AVOutputFormat ff_chromaprint_muxer
AVInputFormat ff_libgme_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_libmodplug_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_libopenmpt_demuxer
AVInputFormat ff_vapoursynth_demuxer
static const AVInputFormat *const * indev_list = NULL
static const AVOutputFormat *const * outdev_list = NULL
static AVMutex avpriv_register_devices_mutex = AV_MUTEX_INITIALIZER

Function Documentation

◆ avpriv_register_devices()

void avpriv_register_devices ( const AVOutputFormat *const  o[],
const AVInputFormat *const  i[] 

Definition at line 632 of file allformats.c.

Referenced by avdevice_register_all().

Variable Documentation

◆ ff_a64_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_a64_muxer

Definition at line 61 of file a64.c.

◆ ff_aa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aa_demuxer

Definition at line 405 of file aadec.c.

◆ ff_aac_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aac_demuxer

Definition at line 215 of file aacdec.c.

◆ ff_ac3_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ac3_demuxer

◆ ff_ac3_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ac3_muxer

◆ ff_acm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_acm_demuxer

Definition at line 64 of file acm.c.

◆ ff_act_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_act_demuxer

Definition at line 200 of file act.c.

◆ ff_adf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_adf_demuxer

◆ ff_adp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_adp_demuxer

Definition at line 91 of file adp.c.

◆ ff_ads_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ads_demuxer

Definition at line 83 of file ads.c.

◆ ff_adts_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_adts_muxer

Definition at line 229 of file adtsenc.c.

◆ ff_adx_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_adx_demuxer

Definition at line 126 of file adxdec.c.

◆ ff_adx_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_adx_muxer

◆ ff_aea_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aea_demuxer

Definition at line 101 of file aea.c.

◆ ff_afc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_afc_demuxer

Definition at line 71 of file afc.c.

◆ ff_aiff_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aiff_demuxer

Definition at line 429 of file aiffdec.c.

◆ ff_aiff_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_aiff_muxer

Definition at line 323 of file aiffenc.c.

◆ ff_aix_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aix_demuxer

Definition at line 132 of file aixdec.c.

◆ ff_amr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_amr_demuxer

◆ ff_amr_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_amr_muxer

◆ ff_amrnb_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_amrnb_demuxer

◆ ff_amrwb_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_amrwb_demuxer

◆ ff_anm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_anm_demuxer

Definition at line 217 of file anm.c.

◆ ff_apc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_apc_demuxer

Definition at line 86 of file apc.c.

◆ ff_ape_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ape_demuxer

Definition at line 460 of file ape.c.

◆ ff_apng_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_apng_demuxer

Definition at line 436 of file apngdec.c.

◆ ff_apng_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_apng_muxer

Definition at line 297 of file apngenc.c.

◆ ff_aptx_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aptx_demuxer

◆ ff_aptx_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_aptx_muxer

◆ ff_aptx_hd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aptx_hd_demuxer

◆ ff_aptx_hd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_aptx_hd_muxer

◆ ff_aqtitle_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_aqtitle_demuxer

Definition at line 141 of file aqtitledec.c.

◆ ff_asf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_asf_demuxer

Definition at line 1710 of file asfdec_f.c.

◆ ff_asf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_asf_muxer

◆ ff_asf_o_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_asf_o_demuxer

Definition at line 1784 of file asfdec_o.c.

◆ ff_ass_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ass_demuxer

Definition at line 185 of file assdec.c.

◆ ff_ass_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ass_muxer

Definition at line 230 of file assenc.c.

◆ ff_ast_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ast_demuxer

Definition at line 113 of file astdec.c.

◆ ff_ast_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ast_muxer

Definition at line 202 of file astenc.c.

◆ ff_asf_stream_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_asf_stream_muxer

◆ ff_au_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_au_demuxer

◆ ff_au_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_au_muxer

◆ ff_avi_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avi_demuxer

Definition at line 1950 of file avidec.c.

◆ ff_avi_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_avi_muxer

Definition at line 1001 of file avienc.c.

◆ ff_avisynth_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avisynth_demuxer

Definition at line 900 of file avisynth.c.

◆ ff_avm2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_avm2_muxer

◆ ff_avr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avr_demuxer

Definition at line 90 of file avr.c.

◆ ff_avs_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avs_demuxer

Definition at line 233 of file avs.c.

◆ ff_avs2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_avs2_demuxer

◆ ff_avs2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_avs2_muxer

◆ ff_bethsoftvid_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bethsoftvid_demuxer

Definition at line 304 of file bethsoftvid.c.

◆ ff_bfi_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bfi_demuxer

Definition at line 179 of file bfi.c.

◆ ff_bintext_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bintext_demuxer

◆ ff_bink_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bink_demuxer

Definition at line 319 of file bink.c.

◆ ff_bit_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bit_demuxer

◆ ff_bit_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_bit_muxer

◆ ff_bmv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bmv_demuxer

Definition at line 128 of file bmv.c.

◆ ff_bfstm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_bfstm_demuxer

Definition at line 473 of file brstm.c.

◆ ff_brstm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_brstm_demuxer

Definition at line 461 of file brstm.c.

◆ ff_boa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_boa_demuxer

Definition at line 78 of file boadec.c.

◆ ff_c93_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_c93_demuxer

Definition at line 195 of file c93.c.

◆ ff_caf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_caf_demuxer

Definition at line 464 of file cafdec.c.

◆ ff_caf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_caf_muxer

Definition at line 268 of file cafenc.c.

◆ ff_cavsvideo_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_cavsvideo_demuxer

◆ ff_cavsvideo_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_cavsvideo_muxer

◆ ff_cdg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_cdg_demuxer

Definition at line 84 of file cdg.c.

◆ ff_cdxl_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_cdxl_demuxer

Definition at line 240 of file cdxl.c.

◆ ff_cine_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_cine_demuxer

Definition at line 321 of file cinedec.c.

◆ ff_codec2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_codec2_demuxer

◆ ff_codec2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_codec2_muxer

◆ ff_codec2raw_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_codec2raw_demuxer

◆ ff_codec2raw_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_codec2raw_muxer

◆ ff_concat_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_concat_demuxer

Definition at line 785 of file concatdec.c.

◆ ff_crc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_crc_muxer

Definition at line 59 of file crcenc.c.

◆ ff_dash_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dash_demuxer

Definition at line 2349 of file dashdec.c.

◆ ff_dash_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_dash_muxer

Definition at line 1934 of file dashenc.c.

◆ ff_data_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_data_demuxer

◆ ff_data_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_data_muxer

◆ ff_daud_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_daud_demuxer

Definition at line 53 of file dauddec.c.

◆ ff_daud_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_daud_muxer

Definition at line 45 of file daudenc.c.

◆ ff_dcstr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dcstr_demuxer

Definition at line 81 of file dcstr.c.

◆ ff_dfa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dfa_demuxer

Definition at line 126 of file dfa.c.

◆ ff_dhav_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dhav_demuxer

Definition at line 374 of file dhav.c.

◆ ff_dirac_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dirac_demuxer

◆ ff_dirac_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_dirac_muxer

◆ ff_dnxhd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dnxhd_demuxer

◆ ff_dnxhd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_dnxhd_muxer

◆ ff_dsf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dsf_demuxer

Definition at line 189 of file dsfdec.c.

◆ ff_dsicin_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dsicin_demuxer

Definition at line 230 of file dsicin.c.

◆ ff_dss_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dss_demuxer

Definition at line 388 of file dss.c.

◆ ff_dts_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dts_demuxer

Definition at line 131 of file dtsdec.c.

◆ ff_dts_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_dts_muxer

◆ ff_dtshd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dtshd_demuxer

Definition at line 162 of file dtshddec.c.

◆ ff_dv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dv_demuxer

Definition at line 632 of file dv.c.

◆ ff_dv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_dv_muxer

Definition at line 445 of file dvenc.c.

◆ ff_dvbsub_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dvbsub_demuxer

◆ ff_dvbtxt_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dvbtxt_demuxer

◆ ff_dxa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_dxa_demuxer

Definition at line 229 of file dxa.c.

◆ ff_ea_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ea_demuxer

Definition at line 758 of file electronicarts.c.

◆ ff_ea_cdata_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ea_cdata_demuxer

Definition at line 97 of file eacdata.c.

◆ ff_eac3_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_eac3_demuxer

◆ ff_eac3_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_eac3_muxer

◆ ff_epaf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_epaf_demuxer

Definition at line 96 of file epafdec.c.

◆ ff_f4v_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_f4v_muxer

◆ ff_ffmetadata_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ffmetadata_demuxer

Definition at line 222 of file ffmetadec.c.

◆ ff_ffmetadata_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ffmetadata_muxer

Definition at line 91 of file ffmetaenc.c.

◆ ff_fifo_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_fifo_muxer

Definition at line 656 of file fifo.c.

◆ ff_fifo_test_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_fifo_test_muxer

Definition at line 141 of file fifo_test.c.

◆ ff_filmstrip_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_filmstrip_demuxer

Definition at line 107 of file filmstripdec.c.

◆ ff_filmstrip_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_filmstrip_muxer

Definition at line 75 of file filmstripenc.c.

◆ ff_fits_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_fits_demuxer

Definition at line 228 of file fitsdec.c.

◆ ff_fits_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_fits_muxer

Definition at line 178 of file fitsenc.c.

◆ ff_flac_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_flac_demuxer

Definition at line 333 of file flacdec.c.

◆ ff_flac_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_flac_muxer

Definition at line 416 of file flacenc.c.

◆ ff_flic_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_flic_demuxer

Definition at line 260 of file flic.c.

◆ ff_flv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_flv_demuxer

Definition at line 1400 of file flvdec.c.

◆ ff_flv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_flv_muxer

Definition at line 1113 of file flvenc.c.

◆ ff_live_flv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_live_flv_demuxer

Definition at line 1420 of file flvdec.c.

◆ ff_fourxm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_fourxm_demuxer

Definition at line 397 of file 4xm.c.

◆ ff_framecrc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_framecrc_muxer

Definition at line 79 of file framecrcenc.c.

◆ ff_framehash_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_framehash_muxer

◆ ff_framemd5_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_framemd5_muxer

◆ ff_frm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_frm_demuxer

Definition at line 104 of file frmdec.c.

◆ ff_fsb_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_fsb_demuxer

Definition at line 202 of file fsb.c.

◆ ff_g722_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_g722_demuxer

Definition at line 50 of file g722.c.

◆ ff_g722_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_g722_muxer

◆ ff_g723_1_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_g723_1_demuxer

Definition at line 79 of file g723_1.c.

◆ ff_g723_1_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_g723_1_muxer

◆ ff_g726_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_g726_demuxer

◆ ff_g726_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_g726_muxer

◆ ff_g726le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_g726le_demuxer

◆ ff_g726le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_g726le_muxer

◆ ff_g729_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_g729_demuxer

Definition at line 96 of file g729dec.c.

◆ ff_gdv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_gdv_demuxer

Definition at line 197 of file gdv.c.

◆ ff_genh_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_genh_demuxer

Definition at line 192 of file genh.c.

◆ ff_gif_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_gif_demuxer

Definition at line 400 of file gifdec.c.

◆ ff_gif_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_gif_muxer

Definition at line 206 of file gif.c.

◆ ff_gsm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_gsm_demuxer

Definition at line 107 of file gsmdec.c.

◆ ff_gsm_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_gsm_muxer

◆ ff_gxf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_gxf_demuxer

Definition at line 602 of file gxf.c.

◆ ff_gxf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_gxf_muxer

Definition at line 1020 of file gxfenc.c.

◆ ff_h261_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_h261_demuxer

◆ ff_h261_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_h261_muxer

◆ ff_h263_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_h263_demuxer

◆ ff_h263_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_h263_muxer

◆ ff_h264_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_h264_demuxer

◆ ff_h264_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_h264_muxer

◆ ff_hash_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_hash_muxer

◆ ff_hcom_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_hcom_demuxer

Definition at line 85 of file hcom.c.

◆ ff_hds_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_hds_muxer

Definition at line 582 of file hdsenc.c.

◆ ff_hevc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_hevc_demuxer

◆ ff_hevc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_hevc_muxer

◆ ff_hls_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_hls_demuxer

Definition at line 2345 of file hls.c.

◆ ff_hls_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_hls_muxer

Definition at line 3064 of file hlsenc.c.

◆ ff_hnm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_hnm_demuxer

Definition at line 199 of file hnm.c.

◆ ff_ico_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ico_demuxer

Definition at line 224 of file icodec.c.

◆ ff_ico_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ico_muxer

Definition at line 191 of file icoenc.c.

◆ ff_idcin_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_idcin_demuxer

Definition at line 371 of file idcin.c.

◆ ff_idf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_idf_demuxer

◆ ff_iff_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_iff_demuxer

Definition at line 898 of file iff.c.

◆ ff_ifv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ifv_demuxer

Definition at line 308 of file ifv.c.

◆ ff_ilbc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ilbc_demuxer

Definition at line 122 of file ilbc.c.

◆ ff_ilbc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ilbc_muxer

Definition at line 131 of file ilbc.c.

◆ ff_image2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image2_demuxer

◆ ff_image2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_image2_muxer

◆ ff_image2pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image2pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image2pipe_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_image2pipe_muxer

◆ ff_image2_alias_pix_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image2_alias_pix_demuxer

Definition at line 64 of file img2_alias_pix.c.

◆ ff_image2_brender_pix_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image2_brender_pix_demuxer

Definition at line 48 of file img2_brender_pix.c.

◆ ff_ingenient_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ingenient_demuxer

Definition at line 66 of file ingenientdec.c.

◆ ff_ipmovie_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ipmovie_demuxer

Definition at line 729 of file ipmovie.c.

◆ ff_ipod_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ipod_muxer

◆ ff_ircam_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ircam_demuxer

Definition at line 109 of file ircamdec.c.

◆ ff_ircam_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ircam_muxer

Definition at line 53 of file ircamenc.c.

◆ ff_ismv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ismv_muxer

◆ ff_iss_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_iss_demuxer

Definition at line 146 of file iss.c.

◆ ff_iv8_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_iv8_demuxer

Definition at line 111 of file iv8.c.

◆ ff_ivf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ivf_demuxer

Definition at line 83 of file ivfdec.c.

◆ ff_ivf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ivf_muxer

Definition at line 113 of file ivfenc.c.

◆ ff_ivr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ivr_demuxer

Definition at line 1411 of file rmdec.c.

◆ ff_jacosub_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_jacosub_demuxer

Definition at line 275 of file jacosubdec.c.

◆ ff_jacosub_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_jacosub_muxer

Definition at line 33 of file jacosubenc.c.

◆ ff_jv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_jv_demuxer

Definition at line 254 of file jvdec.c.

◆ ff_kux_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_kux_demuxer

Definition at line 1441 of file flvdec.c.

◆ ff_latm_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_latm_muxer

Definition at line 248 of file latmenc.c.

◆ ff_lmlm4_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_lmlm4_demuxer

Definition at line 124 of file lmlm4.c.

◆ ff_loas_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_loas_demuxer

Definition at line 87 of file loasdec.c.

◆ ff_lrc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_lrc_demuxer

Definition at line 244 of file lrcdec.c.

◆ ff_lrc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_lrc_muxer

Definition at line 143 of file lrcenc.c.

◆ ff_lvf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_lvf_demuxer

Definition at line 148 of file lvfdec.c.

◆ ff_lxf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_lxf_demuxer

Definition at line 338 of file lxfdec.c.

◆ ff_m4v_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_m4v_demuxer

◆ ff_m4v_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_m4v_muxer

◆ ff_md5_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_md5_muxer

◆ ff_matroska_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_matroska_demuxer

Definition at line 4274 of file matroskadec.c.

◆ ff_matroska_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_matroska_muxer

◆ ff_matroska_audio_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_matroska_audio_muxer

◆ ff_mgsts_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mgsts_demuxer

Definition at line 99 of file mgsts.c.

◆ ff_microdvd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_microdvd_demuxer

Definition at line 207 of file microdvddec.c.

◆ ff_microdvd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_microdvd_muxer

Definition at line 58 of file microdvdenc.c.

◆ ff_mjpeg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mjpeg_demuxer

◆ ff_mjpeg_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mjpeg_muxer

◆ ff_mjpeg_2000_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mjpeg_2000_demuxer

◆ ff_mlp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mlp_demuxer

◆ ff_mlp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mlp_muxer

◆ ff_mlv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mlv_demuxer

Definition at line 474 of file mlvdec.c.

◆ ff_mm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mm_demuxer

Definition at line 192 of file mm.c.

◆ ff_mmf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mmf_demuxer

◆ ff_mmf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mmf_muxer

◆ ff_mov_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mov_demuxer

Definition at line 8062 of file mov.c.

◆ ff_mov_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mov_muxer

◆ ff_mp2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mp2_muxer

◆ ff_mp3_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mp3_demuxer

Definition at line 597 of file mp3dec.c.

◆ ff_mp3_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mp3_muxer

Definition at line 612 of file mp3enc.c.

◆ ff_mp4_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mp4_muxer

◆ ff_mpc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpc_demuxer

Definition at line 229 of file mpc.c.

◆ ff_mpc8_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpc8_demuxer

Definition at line 326 of file mpc8.c.

◆ ff_mpeg1system_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1system_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg1vcd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1vcd_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg1video_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg1video_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg2dvd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2dvd_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg2svcd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2svcd_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg2video_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2video_muxer

◆ ff_mpeg2vob_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpeg2vob_muxer

◆ ff_mpegps_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpegps_demuxer

Definition at line 693 of file mpeg.c.

◆ ff_mpegts_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpegts_demuxer
Initial value:
= {
.name = "mpegts",
.long_name = NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL("MPEG-TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream)"),
.priv_data_size = sizeof(MpegTSContext),
.read_timestamp = mpegts_get_dts,
.priv_class = &mpegts_class,

Definition at line 3281 of file mpegts.c.

Referenced by mpegts_read_header().

◆ ff_mpegts_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpegts_muxer

Definition at line 1979 of file mpegtsenc.c.

◆ ff_mpegtsraw_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpegtsraw_demuxer

Definition at line 3294 of file mpegts.c.

◆ ff_mpegvideo_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpegvideo_demuxer

◆ ff_mpjpeg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpjpeg_demuxer

Definition at line 391 of file mpjpegdec.c.

◆ ff_mpjpeg_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mpjpeg_muxer

Definition at line 70 of file mpjpeg.c.

◆ ff_mpl2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpl2_demuxer

Definition at line 149 of file mpl2dec.c.

◆ ff_mpsub_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mpsub_demuxer

Definition at line 139 of file mpsubdec.c.

◆ ff_msf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_msf_demuxer

Definition at line 105 of file msf.c.

◆ ff_msnwc_tcp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_msnwc_tcp_demuxer

Definition at line 139 of file msnwc_tcp.c.

◆ ff_mtaf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mtaf_demuxer

Definition at line 74 of file mtaf.c.

◆ ff_mtv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mtv_demuxer

Definition at line 226 of file mtv.c.

◆ ff_musx_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_musx_demuxer

Definition at line 170 of file musx.c.

◆ ff_mv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mv_demuxer

Definition at line 500 of file mvdec.c.

◆ ff_mvi_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mvi_demuxer

Definition at line 145 of file mvi.c.

◆ ff_mxf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mxf_demuxer

Definition at line 3765 of file mxfdec.c.

◆ ff_mxf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_muxer

Definition at line 3231 of file mxfenc.c.

◆ ff_mxf_d10_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_d10_muxer
Initial value:
= {
.name = "mxf_d10",
.long_name = NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL("MXF (Material eXchange Format) D-10 Mapping"),
.mime_type = "application/mxf",
.priv_data_size = sizeof(MXFContext),
.audio_codec = AV_CODEC_ID_PCM_S16LE,
.video_codec = AV_CODEC_ID_MPEG2VIDEO,
.priv_class = &mxf_d10_muxer_class,

Definition at line 3247 of file mxfenc.c.

Referenced by mxf_parse_mpeg2_frame(), mxf_write_cdci_common(), mxf_write_generic_desc(), mxf_write_generic_sound_common(), mxf_write_header(), and mxf_write_packet().

◆ ff_mxf_opatom_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mxf_opatom_muxer
Initial value:
= {
.name = "mxf_opatom",
.long_name = NULL_IF_CONFIG_SMALL("MXF (Material eXchange Format) Operational Pattern Atom"),
.mime_type = "application/mxf",
.extensions = "mxf",
.priv_data_size = sizeof(MXFContext),
.audio_codec = AV_CODEC_ID_PCM_S16LE,
.video_codec = AV_CODEC_ID_DNXHD,
.priv_class = &mxf_opatom_muxer_class,

Definition at line 3262 of file mxfenc.c.

Referenced by mxf_compute_edit_unit_byte_count(), mxf_write_common_fields(), mxf_write_footer(), mxf_write_generic_sound_common(), mxf_write_header(), mxf_write_identification(), mxf_write_packet(), mxf_write_partition(), mxf_write_preface(), mxf_write_random_index_pack(), and mxf_write_track().

◆ ff_mxg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_mxg_demuxer

Definition at line 252 of file mxg.c.

◆ ff_nc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nc_demuxer

Definition at line 94 of file ncdec.c.

◆ ff_nistsphere_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nistsphere_demuxer

Definition at line 135 of file nistspheredec.c.

◆ ff_nsp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nsp_demuxer

Definition at line 99 of file nspdec.c.

◆ ff_nsv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nsv_demuxer

Definition at line 739 of file nsvdec.c.

◆ ff_null_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_null_muxer

Definition at line 29 of file nullenc.c.

◆ ff_nut_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nut_demuxer

Definition at line 1298 of file nutdec.c.

◆ ff_nut_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_nut_muxer

Definition at line 1220 of file nutenc.c.

◆ ff_nuv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_nuv_demuxer

Definition at line 402 of file nuv.c.

◆ ff_oga_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_oga_muxer

◆ ff_ogg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ogg_demuxer

Definition at line 955 of file oggdec.c.

◆ ff_ogg_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ogg_muxer

◆ ff_ogv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_ogv_muxer

◆ ff_oma_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_oma_demuxer

Definition at line 614 of file omadec.c.

◆ ff_oma_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_oma_muxer

Definition at line 97 of file omaenc.c.

◆ ff_opus_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_opus_muxer

◆ ff_paf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_paf_demuxer

Definition at line 274 of file paf.c.

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_alaw_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_alaw_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_alaw_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_mulaw_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_mulaw_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_mulaw_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_vidc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_vidc_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_vidc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_vidc_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_f64be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f64be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_f64be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f64be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_f64le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f64le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_f64le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f64le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_f32be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f32be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_f32be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f32be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_f32le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_f32le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_f32le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_f32le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s32be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s32be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s32be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s32be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s32le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s32le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s32le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s24be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s24be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s24be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s24be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s24le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s24le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s24le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s16be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s16be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s16be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s16le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s16le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s16le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_s8_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_s8_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_s8_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_s8_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u32be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u32be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u32be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u32be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u32le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u32le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u32le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u32le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u24be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u24be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u24be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u24be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u24le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u24le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u24le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u24le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u16be_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u16be_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u16be_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u16be_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u16le_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u16le_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u16le_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u16le_muxer

◆ ff_pcm_u8_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pcm_u8_demuxer

◆ ff_pcm_u8_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_pcm_u8_muxer

◆ ff_pjs_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pjs_demuxer

Definition at line 132 of file pjsdec.c.

◆ ff_pmp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pmp_demuxer

Definition at line 186 of file pmpdec.c.

◆ ff_psp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_psp_muxer

◆ ff_pva_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pva_demuxer

Definition at line 230 of file pva.c.

◆ ff_pvf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_pvf_demuxer

Definition at line 68 of file pvfdec.c.

◆ ff_qcp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_qcp_demuxer

Definition at line 199 of file qcp.c.

◆ ff_r3d_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_r3d_demuxer

Definition at line 413 of file r3d.c.

◆ ff_rawvideo_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rawvideo_demuxer

Definition at line 103 of file rawvideodec.c.

◆ ff_rawvideo_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rawvideo_muxer

◆ ff_realtext_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_realtext_demuxer

Definition at line 153 of file realtextdec.c.

◆ ff_redspark_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_redspark_demuxer

Definition at line 154 of file redspark.c.

◆ ff_rl2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rl2_demuxer

Definition at line 297 of file rl2.c.

◆ ff_rm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rm_demuxer

Definition at line 1156 of file rmdec.c.

◆ ff_rm_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rm_muxer

Definition at line 469 of file rmenc.c.

◆ ff_roq_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_roq_demuxer

Definition at line 242 of file idroqdec.c.

◆ ff_roq_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_roq_muxer

Definition at line 63 of file idroqenc.c.

◆ ff_rpl_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rpl_demuxer

Definition at line 389 of file rpl.c.

◆ ff_rsd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rsd_demuxer

Definition at line 224 of file rsd.c.

◆ ff_rso_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rso_demuxer

Definition at line 75 of file rsodec.c.

◆ ff_rso_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rso_muxer

Definition at line 101 of file rsoenc.c.

◆ ff_rtp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rtp_demuxer

◆ ff_rtp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rtp_muxer

Definition at line 651 of file rtpenc.c.

◆ ff_rtp_mpegts_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rtp_mpegts_muxer

Definition at line 150 of file rtpenc_mpegts.c.

◆ ff_rtsp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_rtsp_demuxer

Definition at line 962 of file rtspdec.c.

◆ ff_rtsp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_rtsp_muxer

Definition at line 244 of file rtspenc.c.

◆ ff_s337m_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_s337m_demuxer

Definition at line 199 of file s337m.c.

◆ ff_sami_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sami_demuxer

Definition at line 143 of file samidec.c.

◆ ff_sap_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sap_demuxer

Definition at line 235 of file sapdec.c.

◆ ff_sap_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sap_muxer

Definition at line 271 of file sapenc.c.

◆ ff_sbc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sbc_demuxer

Definition at line 26 of file sbcdec.c.

◆ ff_sbc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sbc_muxer

◆ ff_sbg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sbg_demuxer

Definition at line 1514 of file sbgdec.c.

◆ ff_scc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_scc_demuxer

Definition at line 178 of file sccdec.c.

◆ ff_scc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_scc_muxer

Definition at line 114 of file sccenc.c.

◆ ff_sdp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sdp_demuxer

◆ ff_sdr2_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sdr2_demuxer

Definition at line 113 of file sdr2.c.

◆ ff_sds_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sds_demuxer

Definition at line 156 of file sdsdec.c.

◆ ff_sdx_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sdx_demuxer

Definition at line 81 of file sdxdec.c.

◆ ff_segafilm_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_segafilm_demuxer

Definition at line 336 of file segafilm.c.

◆ ff_segafilm_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_segafilm_muxer

Definition at line 387 of file segafilmenc.c.

◆ ff_segment_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_segment_muxer

◆ ff_stream_segment_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_stream_segment_muxer

◆ ff_ser_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ser_demuxer

Definition at line 135 of file serdec.c.

◆ ff_shorten_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_shorten_demuxer

Definition at line 69 of file shortendec.c.

◆ ff_siff_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_siff_demuxer

Definition at line 252 of file siff.c.

◆ ff_singlejpeg_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_singlejpeg_muxer

◆ ff_sln_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sln_demuxer

Definition at line 204 of file pcmdec.c.

◆ ff_smacker_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_smacker_demuxer

Definition at line 393 of file smacker.c.

◆ ff_smjpeg_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_smjpeg_demuxer

Definition at line 183 of file smjpegdec.c.

◆ ff_smjpeg_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_smjpeg_muxer

Definition at line 136 of file smjpegenc.c.

◆ ff_smoothstreaming_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_smoothstreaming_muxer

Definition at line 662 of file smoothstreamingenc.c.

◆ ff_smush_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_smush_demuxer

Definition at line 244 of file smush.c.

◆ ff_sol_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sol_demuxer

Definition at line 141 of file sol.c.

◆ ff_sox_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sox_demuxer

Definition at line 127 of file soxdec.c.

◆ ff_sox_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sox_muxer

Definition at line 111 of file soxenc.c.

◆ ff_spx_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_spx_muxer

◆ ff_spdif_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_spdif_demuxer

Definition at line 237 of file spdifdec.c.

◆ ff_spdif_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_spdif_muxer

Definition at line 554 of file spdifenc.c.

◆ ff_srt_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_srt_demuxer

Definition at line 237 of file srtdec.c.

◆ ff_srt_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_srt_muxer

Definition at line 105 of file srtenc.c.

◆ ff_str_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_str_demuxer

Definition at line 301 of file psxstr.c.

◆ ff_stl_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_stl_demuxer

Definition at line 133 of file stldec.c.

◆ ff_subviewer1_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_subviewer1_demuxer

Definition at line 116 of file subviewer1dec.c.

◆ ff_subviewer_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_subviewer_demuxer

Definition at line 196 of file subviewerdec.c.

◆ ff_sup_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_sup_demuxer

Definition at line 100 of file supdec.c.

◆ ff_sup_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_sup_muxer

Definition at line 87 of file supenc.c.

◆ ff_svag_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_svag_demuxer

Definition at line 71 of file svag.c.

◆ ff_swf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_swf_demuxer

Definition at line 539 of file swfdec.c.

◆ ff_swf_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_swf_muxer

◆ ff_tak_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tak_demuxer

Definition at line 217 of file takdec.c.

◆ ff_tee_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_tee_muxer

Definition at line 610 of file tee.c.

◆ ff_tedcaptions_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tedcaptions_demuxer

Definition at line 358 of file tedcaptionsdec.c.

◆ ff_tg2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_tg2_muxer

◆ ff_tgp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_tgp_muxer

◆ ff_thp_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_thp_demuxer

Definition at line 217 of file thp.c.

◆ ff_threedostr_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_threedostr_demuxer

Definition at line 160 of file 3dostr.c.

◆ ff_tiertexseq_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tiertexseq_demuxer

Definition at line 317 of file tiertexseq.c.

◆ ff_mkvtimestamp_v2_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_mkvtimestamp_v2_muxer

Definition at line 43 of file mkvtimestamp_v2.c.

◆ ff_tmv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tmv_demuxer

Definition at line 190 of file tmv.c.

◆ ff_truehd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_truehd_demuxer

◆ ff_truehd_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_truehd_muxer

◆ ff_tta_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tta_demuxer

Definition at line 189 of file tta.c.

◆ ff_tta_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_tta_muxer

Definition at line 161 of file ttaenc.c.

◆ ff_txd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_txd_demuxer

Definition at line 95 of file txd.c.

◆ ff_tty_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_tty_demuxer

Definition at line 170 of file tty.c.

◆ ff_ty_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_ty_demuxer

Definition at line 779 of file ty.c.

◆ ff_uncodedframecrc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_uncodedframecrc_muxer

Definition at line 167 of file uncodedframecrcenc.c.

◆ ff_v210_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_v210_demuxer

◆ ff_v210x_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_v210x_demuxer

◆ ff_vag_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vag_demuxer

Definition at line 76 of file vag.c.

◆ ff_vc1_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vc1_demuxer

◆ ff_vc1_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_vc1_muxer

◆ ff_vc1t_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vc1t_demuxer

Definition at line 119 of file vc1test.c.

◆ ff_vc1t_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_vc1t_muxer

Definition at line 84 of file vc1testenc.c.

◆ ff_vividas_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vividas_demuxer

Definition at line 780 of file vividas.c.

◆ ff_vivo_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vivo_demuxer

Definition at line 310 of file vivo.c.

◆ ff_vmd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vmd_demuxer

Definition at line 321 of file sierravmd.c.

◆ ff_vobsub_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vobsub_demuxer

◆ ff_voc_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_voc_demuxer

Definition at line 101 of file vocdec.c.

◆ ff_voc_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_voc_muxer

Definition at line 98 of file vocenc.c.

◆ ff_vpk_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vpk_demuxer

Definition at line 112 of file vpk.c.

◆ ff_vplayer_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vplayer_demuxer

Definition at line 121 of file vplayerdec.c.

◆ ff_vqf_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vqf_demuxer

Definition at line 291 of file vqf.c.

◆ ff_w64_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_w64_demuxer

◆ ff_w64_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_w64_muxer

◆ ff_wav_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wav_demuxer

◆ ff_wav_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_wav_muxer

◆ ff_wc3_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wc3_demuxer

Definition at line 311 of file wc3movie.c.

◆ ff_webm_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_webm_muxer

◆ ff_webm_dash_manifest_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_webm_dash_manifest_demuxer

Definition at line 4287 of file matroskadec.c.

◆ ff_webm_dash_manifest_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_webm_dash_manifest_muxer

◆ ff_webm_chunk_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_webm_chunk_muxer

◆ ff_webp_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_webp_muxer

Definition at line 207 of file webpenc.c.

◆ ff_webvtt_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_webvtt_demuxer

Definition at line 215 of file webvttdec.c.

◆ ff_webvtt_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_webvtt_muxer

Definition at line 97 of file webvttenc.c.

◆ ff_wsaud_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wsaud_demuxer

Definition at line 181 of file westwood_aud.c.

◆ ff_wsd_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wsd_demuxer

Definition at line 165 of file wsddec.c.

◆ ff_wsvqa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wsvqa_demuxer

Definition at line 263 of file westwood_vqa.c.

◆ ff_wtv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wtv_demuxer

Definition at line 1135 of file wtvdec.c.

◆ ff_wtv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_wtv_muxer

Definition at line 834 of file wtvenc.c.

◆ ff_wve_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wve_demuxer

Definition at line 55 of file wvedec.c.

◆ ff_wv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_wv_demuxer

Definition at line 326 of file wvdec.c.

◆ ff_wv_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_wv_muxer

Definition at line 79 of file wvenc.c.

◆ ff_xa_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xa_demuxer

Definition at line 124 of file xa.c.

◆ ff_xbin_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xbin_demuxer

◆ ff_xmv_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xmv_demuxer

Definition at line 588 of file xmv.c.

◆ ff_xvag_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xvag_demuxer

Definition at line 106 of file xvag.c.

◆ ff_xwma_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_xwma_demuxer

Definition at line 316 of file xwma.c.

◆ ff_yop_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_yop_demuxer

Definition at line 210 of file yop.c.

◆ ff_yuv4mpegpipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_yuv4mpegpipe_demuxer

Definition at line 345 of file yuv4mpegdec.c.

◆ ff_yuv4mpegpipe_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_yuv4mpegpipe_muxer

Definition at line 354 of file yuv4mpegenc.c.

◆ ff_image_bmp_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_bmp_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_dds_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_dds_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_dpx_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_dpx_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_exr_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_exr_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_gif_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_gif_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_j2k_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_j2k_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_jpeg_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_jpeg_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_jpegls_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_jpegls_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pam_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pam_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pbm_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pbm_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pcx_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pcx_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pgmyuv_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pgmyuv_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pgm_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pgm_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_pictor_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_pictor_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_png_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_png_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_ppm_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_ppm_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_psd_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_psd_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_qdraw_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_qdraw_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_sgi_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_sgi_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_svg_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_svg_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_sunrast_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_sunrast_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_tiff_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_tiff_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_webp_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_webp_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_xpm_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_xpm_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_image_xwd_pipe_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_image_xwd_pipe_demuxer

◆ ff_chromaprint_muxer

AVOutputFormat ff_chromaprint_muxer

Definition at line 181 of file chromaprint.c.

◆ ff_libgme_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_libgme_demuxer

Definition at line 191 of file libgme.c.

◆ ff_libmodplug_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_libmodplug_demuxer

Definition at line 371 of file libmodplug.c.

◆ ff_libopenmpt_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_libopenmpt_demuxer

Definition at line 284 of file libopenmpt.c.

◆ ff_vapoursynth_demuxer

AVInputFormat ff_vapoursynth_demuxer

Definition at line 486 of file vapoursynth.c.

◆ indev_list

const AVInputFormat* const * indev_list = NULL

◆ outdev_list

const AVOutputFormat* const * outdev_list = NULL

◆ avpriv_register_devices_mutex

AVMutex avpriv_register_devices_mutex = AV_MUTEX_INITIALIZER

Definition at line 539 of file allformats.c.

Referenced by avpriv_register_devices().

Definition: avcodec.h:463
Show format stream IDs numbers.
Definition: avformat.h:465
Format does not need / have any timestamps.
Definition: avformat.h:467
Definition: mxfdec.c:268
static int mxf_interleave(AVFormatContext *s, AVPacket *out, AVPacket *pkt, int flush)
Definition: mxfenc.c:3159
static int mpegts_read_close(AVFormatContext *s)
Definition: mpegts.c:3153
static int mxf_write_footer(AVFormatContext *s)
Definition: mxfenc.c:3027
static av_cold int read_close(AVFormatContext *ctx)
Definition: libcdio.c:145
static int interleave_packet(AVFormatContext *s, AVPacket *out, AVPacket *in, int flush)
Interleave an AVPacket correctly so it can be muxed.
Definition: mux.c:1181
static const AVClass mpegts_class
Definition: mpegts.c:195
static const AVClass mxf_d10_muxer_class
Definition: mxfenc.c:3208
static int read_header(FFV1Context *f)
Definition: ffv1dec.c:530
static int read_probe(const AVProbeData *pd)
Definition: jvdec.c:55
static int write_trailer(AVFormatContext *s1)
Definition: v4l2enc.c:94
static int mxf_write_header(AVFormatContext *s)
Definition: mxfenc.c:2497
Return NULL if CONFIG_SMALL is true, otherwise the argument without modification.
Definition: internal.h:188
static int mxf_write_packet(AVFormatContext *s, AVPacket *pkt)
Definition: mxfenc.c:2883
Definition: mpegts.c:118
static int64_t mpegts_get_dts(AVFormatContext *s, int stream_index, int64_t *ppos, int64_t pos_limit)
Definition: mpegts.c:3194
static int mpegts_read_packet(AVFormatContext *s, AVPacket *pkt)
Definition: mpegts.c:3112
static const AVClass mxf_opatom_muxer_class
Definition: mxfenc.c:3224
static void write_packet(OutputFile *of, AVPacket *pkt, OutputStream *ost, int unqueue)
Definition: ffmpeg.c:690
static int read_packet(void *opaque, uint8_t *buf, int buf_size)
Definition: avio_reading.c:42
static int mpegts_probe(const AVProbeData *p)
Definition: mpegts.c:2881
Format allows timestamp discontinuities.
Definition: avformat.h:469
static int mpegts_read_header(AVFormatContext *s)
Definition: mpegts.c:2959
#define flags(name, subs,...)
Definition: cbs_av1.c:565
static void write_header(FFV1Context *f)
Definition: ffv1enc.c:337
preferred ID for MPEG-1/2 video decoding
Definition: avcodec.h:220
Definition: avcodec.h:317