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file  md5.h


struct AVMD5av_md5_alloc (void)
 Allocate an AVMD5 context. More...
void av_md5_init (struct AVMD5 *ctx)
 Initialize MD5 hashing. More...
void av_md5_update (struct AVMD5 *ctx, const uint8_t *src, int len)
 Update hash value. More...
void av_md5_final (struct AVMD5 *ctx, uint8_t *dst)
 Finish hashing and output digest value. More...
void av_md5_sum (uint8_t *dst, const uint8_t *src, const int len)
 Hash an array of data. More...


const int av_md5_size

Detailed Description

MD5 hash function implementation.

Function Documentation

◆ av_md5_alloc()

struct AVMD5* av_md5_alloc ( void  )

◆ av_md5_init()

void av_md5_init ( struct AVMD5 ctx)

Initialize MD5 hashing.

ctxpointer to the function context (of size av_md5_size)

Definition at line 143 of file md5.c.

Referenced by av_hash_init(), av_hmac_alloc(), av_md5_sum(), do_adobe_auth(), do_llnw_auth(), flac_encode_init(), init_out(), make_digest_auth(), md5_open(), process_output(), and verify_md5().

◆ av_md5_update()

void av_md5_update ( struct AVMD5 ctx,
const uint8_t src,
int  len 

Update hash value.

ctxhash function context
srcinput data to update hash with
leninput data length

Definition at line 154 of file md5.c.

Referenced by av_hash_update(), av_hmac_alloc(), av_md5_final(), av_md5_sum(), do_adobe_auth(), do_llnw_auth(), io_write(), md5_write(), update_md5_strings(), update_md5_sum(), and verify_md5().

◆ av_md5_final()

void av_md5_final ( struct AVMD5 ctx,
uint8_t dst 

Finish hashing and output digest value.

ctxhash function context
dstbuffer where output digest value is stored

Definition at line 192 of file md5.c.

Referenced by av_hash_final(), av_hmac_alloc(), av_md5_sum(), close_out(), do_adobe_auth(), do_llnw_auth(), flac_encode_frame(), make_digest_auth(), md5_close(), and verify_md5().

◆ av_md5_sum()

void av_md5_sum ( uint8_t dst,
const uint8_t src,
const int  len 

Hash an array of data.

dstThe output buffer to write the digest into
srcThe data to hash
lenThe length of the data, in bytes

Definition at line 208 of file md5.c.

Referenced by av_lfg_init(), ff_rdt_calc_response_and_checksum(), main(), process_output(), and run_lavu_md5().

Variable Documentation

◆ av_md5_size

const int av_md5_size

Definition at line 46 of file md5.c.