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1 /*
2  * Provide registration of all codecs, parsers and bitstream filters for libavcodec.
3  * Copyright (c) 2002 Fabrice Bellard
4  *
5  * This file is part of FFmpeg.
6  *
7  * FFmpeg is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
8  * modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
9  * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
10  * version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
11  *
12  * FFmpeg is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
13  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
15  * Lesser General Public License for more details.
16  *
17  * You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
18  * License along with FFmpeg; if not, write to the Free Software
19  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
20  */
22 /**
23  * @file
24  * Provide registration of all codecs, parsers and bitstream filters for libavcodec.
25  */
27 #include "config.h"
28 #include "libavutil/thread.h"
29 #include "avcodec.h"
30 #include "version.h"
35 extern AVCodec ff_aic_decoder;
38 extern AVCodec ff_agm_decoder;
39 extern AVCodec ff_amv_encoder;
40 extern AVCodec ff_amv_decoder;
41 extern AVCodec ff_anm_decoder;
55 extern AVCodec ff_avs_decoder;
61 extern AVCodec ff_bfi_decoder;
64 extern AVCodec ff_bmp_encoder;
65 extern AVCodec ff_bmp_decoder;
68 extern AVCodec ff_c93_decoder;
84 extern AVCodec ff_dds_decoder;
85 extern AVCodec ff_dfa_decoder;
89 extern AVCodec ff_dpx_encoder;
90 extern AVCodec ff_dpx_decoder;
95 extern AVCodec ff_dxa_decoder;
97 extern AVCodec ff_dxv_decoder;
108 extern AVCodec ff_exr_decoder;
109 extern AVCodec ff_ffv1_encoder;
110 extern AVCodec ff_ffv1_decoder;
113 extern AVCodec ff_fic_decoder;
114 extern AVCodec ff_fits_encoder;
115 extern AVCodec ff_fits_decoder;
120 extern AVCodec ff_flic_decoder;
121 extern AVCodec ff_flv_encoder;
122 extern AVCodec ff_flv_decoder;
123 extern AVCodec ff_fmvc_decoder;
126 extern AVCodec ff_frwu_decoder;
127 extern AVCodec ff_g2m_decoder;
128 extern AVCodec ff_gdv_decoder;
129 extern AVCodec ff_gif_encoder;
130 extern AVCodec ff_gif_decoder;
131 extern AVCodec ff_h261_encoder;
132 extern AVCodec ff_h261_decoder;
133 extern AVCodec ff_h263_encoder;
134 extern AVCodec ff_h263_decoder;
139 extern AVCodec ff_h264_decoder;
146 extern AVCodec ff_hap_encoder;
147 extern AVCodec ff_hap_decoder;
148 extern AVCodec ff_hevc_decoder;
154 extern AVCodec ff_hqx_decoder;
157 extern AVCodec ff_hymt_decoder;
160 extern AVCodec ff_imm4_decoder;
161 extern AVCodec ff_imm5_decoder;
171 extern AVCodec ff_jv_decoder;
172 extern AVCodec ff_kgv1_decoder;
173 extern AVCodec ff_kmvc_decoder;
176 extern AVCodec ff_loco_decoder;
177 extern AVCodec ff_lscr_decoder;
178 extern AVCodec ff_m101_decoder;
181 extern AVCodec ff_mdec_decoder;
204 extern AVCodec ff_msa1_decoder;
205 extern AVCodec ff_mscc_decoder;
213 extern AVCodec ff_mss1_decoder;
214 extern AVCodec ff_mss2_decoder;
217 extern AVCodec ff_mszh_decoder;
218 extern AVCodec ff_mts2_decoder;
219 extern AVCodec ff_mvc1_decoder;
220 extern AVCodec ff_mvc2_decoder;
221 extern AVCodec ff_mwsc_decoder;
223 extern AVCodec ff_nuv_decoder;
225 extern AVCodec ff_pam_encoder;
226 extern AVCodec ff_pam_decoder;
227 extern AVCodec ff_pbm_encoder;
228 extern AVCodec ff_pbm_decoder;
229 extern AVCodec ff_pcx_encoder;
230 extern AVCodec ff_pcx_decoder;
231 extern AVCodec ff_pgm_encoder;
232 extern AVCodec ff_pgm_decoder;
237 extern AVCodec ff_png_encoder;
238 extern AVCodec ff_png_decoder;
239 extern AVCodec ff_ppm_encoder;
240 extern AVCodec ff_ppm_decoder;
246 extern AVCodec ff_psd_decoder;
247 extern AVCodec ff_ptx_decoder;
249 extern AVCodec ff_qpeg_decoder;
252 extern AVCodec ff_r10k_encoder;
253 extern AVCodec ff_r10k_decoder;
254 extern AVCodec ff_r210_encoder;
255 extern AVCodec ff_r210_decoder;
256 extern AVCodec ff_rasc_decoder;
259 extern AVCodec ff_rl2_decoder;
260 extern AVCodec ff_roq_encoder;
261 extern AVCodec ff_roq_decoder;
262 extern AVCodec ff_rpza_decoder;
263 extern AVCodec ff_rscc_decoder;
264 extern AVCodec ff_rv10_encoder;
265 extern AVCodec ff_rv10_decoder;
266 extern AVCodec ff_rv20_encoder;
267 extern AVCodec ff_rv20_decoder;
268 extern AVCodec ff_rv30_decoder;
269 extern AVCodec ff_rv40_decoder;
272 extern AVCodec ff_sanm_decoder;
273 extern AVCodec ff_scpr_decoder;
276 extern AVCodec ff_sgi_encoder;
277 extern AVCodec ff_sgi_decoder;
281 extern AVCodec ff_smc_decoder;
283 extern AVCodec ff_snow_encoder;
284 extern AVCodec ff_snow_decoder;
285 extern AVCodec ff_sp5x_decoder;
287 extern AVCodec ff_srgc_decoder;
290 extern AVCodec ff_svq1_encoder;
291 extern AVCodec ff_svq1_decoder;
292 extern AVCodec ff_svq3_decoder;
296 extern AVCodec ff_tdsc_decoder;
298 extern AVCodec ff_thp_decoder;
300 extern AVCodec ff_tiff_encoder;
301 extern AVCodec ff_tiff_decoder;
302 extern AVCodec ff_tmv_decoder;
306 extern AVCodec ff_tscc_decoder;
308 extern AVCodec ff_txd_decoder;
309 extern AVCodec ff_ulti_decoder;
312 extern AVCodec ff_v210_encoder;
313 extern AVCodec ff_v210_decoder;
315 extern AVCodec ff_v308_encoder;
316 extern AVCodec ff_v308_decoder;
317 extern AVCodec ff_v408_encoder;
318 extern AVCodec ff_v408_decoder;
319 extern AVCodec ff_v410_encoder;
320 extern AVCodec ff_v410_decoder;
321 extern AVCodec ff_vb_decoder;
322 extern AVCodec ff_vble_decoder;
323 extern AVCodec ff_vc1_decoder;
329 extern AVCodec ff_vc2_encoder;
330 extern AVCodec ff_vcr1_decoder;
332 extern AVCodec ff_vmnc_decoder;
333 extern AVCodec ff_vp3_decoder;
334 extern AVCodec ff_vp4_decoder;
335 extern AVCodec ff_vp5_decoder;
336 extern AVCodec ff_vp6_decoder;
337 extern AVCodec ff_vp6a_decoder;
338 extern AVCodec ff_vp6f_decoder;
339 extern AVCodec ff_vp7_decoder;
340 extern AVCodec ff_vp8_decoder;
343 extern AVCodec ff_vp9_decoder;
346 extern AVCodec ff_vqa_decoder;
347 extern AVCodec ff_webp_decoder;
348 extern AVCodec ff_wcmv_decoder;
351 extern AVCodec ff_wmv1_encoder;
352 extern AVCodec ff_wmv1_decoder;
353 extern AVCodec ff_wmv2_encoder;
354 extern AVCodec ff_wmv2_decoder;
355 extern AVCodec ff_wmv3_decoder;
358 extern AVCodec ff_wnv1_decoder;
361 extern AVCodec ff_xbm_encoder;
362 extern AVCodec ff_xbm_decoder;
365 extern AVCodec ff_xl_decoder;
366 extern AVCodec ff_xpm_decoder;
367 extern AVCodec ff_xwd_encoder;
368 extern AVCodec ff_xwd_decoder;
369 extern AVCodec ff_y41p_encoder;
370 extern AVCodec ff_y41p_decoder;
371 extern AVCodec ff_ylc_decoder;
372 extern AVCodec ff_yop_decoder;
373 extern AVCodec ff_yuv4_encoder;
374 extern AVCodec ff_yuv4_decoder;
377 extern AVCodec ff_zlib_encoder;
378 extern AVCodec ff_zlib_decoder;
379 extern AVCodec ff_zmbv_encoder;
380 extern AVCodec ff_zmbv_decoder;
382 /* audio codecs */
383 extern AVCodec ff_aac_encoder;
384 extern AVCodec ff_aac_decoder;
387 extern AVCodec ff_ac3_encoder;
388 extern AVCodec ff_ac3_decoder;
392 extern AVCodec ff_alac_encoder;
393 extern AVCodec ff_alac_decoder;
394 extern AVCodec ff_als_decoder;
397 extern AVCodec ff_ape_decoder;
398 extern AVCodec ff_aptx_encoder;
399 extern AVCodec ff_aptx_decoder;
411 extern AVCodec ff_cook_decoder;
412 extern AVCodec ff_dca_encoder;
413 extern AVCodec ff_dca_decoder;
421 extern AVCodec ff_dst_decoder;
422 extern AVCodec ff_eac3_encoder;
423 extern AVCodec ff_eac3_decoder;
424 extern AVCodec ff_evrc_decoder;
426 extern AVCodec ff_flac_encoder;
427 extern AVCodec ff_flac_decoder;
430 extern AVCodec ff_g729_decoder;
431 extern AVCodec ff_gsm_decoder;
433 extern AVCodec ff_hcom_decoder;
434 extern AVCodec ff_iac_decoder;
435 extern AVCodec ff_ilbc_decoder;
436 extern AVCodec ff_imc_decoder;
441 extern AVCodec ff_mlp_encoder;
442 extern AVCodec ff_mlp_decoder;
443 extern AVCodec ff_mp1_decoder;
445 extern AVCodec ff_mp2_encoder;
446 extern AVCodec ff_mp2_decoder;
450 extern AVCodec ff_mp3_decoder;
455 extern AVCodec ff_mpc7_decoder;
456 extern AVCodec ff_mpc8_decoder;
460 extern AVCodec ff_opus_encoder;
461 extern AVCodec ff_opus_decoder;
464 extern AVCodec ff_qdm2_decoder;
465 extern AVCodec ff_qdmc_decoder;
469 extern AVCodec ff_ralf_decoder;
470 extern AVCodec ff_sbc_encoder;
471 extern AVCodec ff_sbc_decoder;
473 extern AVCodec ff_sipr_decoder;
478 extern AVCodec ff_tak_decoder;
482 extern AVCodec ff_tta_encoder;
483 extern AVCodec ff_tta_decoder;
498 extern AVCodec ff_xma1_decoder;
499 extern AVCodec ff_xma2_decoder;
501 /* PCM codecs */
568 /* DPCM codecs */
576 /* ADPCM codecs */
629 /* subtitles */
630 extern AVCodec ff_ssa_encoder;
631 extern AVCodec ff_ssa_decoder;
632 extern AVCodec ff_ass_encoder;
633 extern AVCodec ff_ass_decoder;
643 extern AVCodec ff_mpl2_decoder;
645 extern AVCodec ff_pjs_decoder;
647 extern AVCodec ff_sami_decoder;
648 extern AVCodec ff_srt_encoder;
649 extern AVCodec ff_srt_decoder;
650 extern AVCodec ff_stl_decoder;
655 extern AVCodec ff_text_encoder;
656 extern AVCodec ff_text_decoder;
660 extern AVCodec ff_xsub_encoder;
661 extern AVCodec ff_xsub_decoder;
663 /* external libraries */
721 /* preferred over libwebp */
733 /* text */
735 extern AVCodec ff_xbin_decoder;
736 extern AVCodec ff_idf_decoder;
738 /* external libraries, that shouldn't be used by default if one of the
739  * above is available */
756 #endif
788 // The iterate API is not usable with ossfuzz due to the excessive size of binaries created
790 AVCodec * codec_list[] = {
791  NULL,
792  NULL
793 };
794 #else
795 #include "libavcodec/codec_list.c"
796 #endif
799 static void av_codec_init_static(void)
800 {
801  for (int i = 0; codec_list[i]; i++) {
802  if (codec_list[i]->init_static_data)
803  codec_list[i]->init_static_data((AVCodec*)codec_list[i]);
804  }
805 }
807 const AVCodec *av_codec_iterate(void **opaque)
808 {
809  uintptr_t i = (uintptr_t)*opaque;
810  const AVCodec *c = codec_list[i];
814  if (c)
815  *opaque = (void*)(i + 1);
817  return c;
818 }
820 #if FF_API_NEXT
824 static void av_codec_init_next(void)
825 {
826  AVCodec *prev = NULL, *p;
827  void *i = 0;
828  while ((p = (AVCodec*)av_codec_iterate(&i))) {
829  if (prev)
830  prev->next = p;
831  prev = p;
832  }
833 }
838 {
840 }
843 {
846  if (c)
847  return c->next;
848  else
849  return (AVCodec*)codec_list[0];
850 }
853 {
855 }
857 #endif
860 {
861  switch(id){
862  //This is for future deprecatec codec ids, its empty since
863  //last major bump but will fill up again over time, please don't remove it
864  default : return id;
865  }
866 }
868 static AVCodec *find_codec(enum AVCodecID id, int (*x)(const AVCodec *))
869 {
870  const AVCodec *p, *experimental = NULL;
871  void *i = 0;
873  id = remap_deprecated_codec_id(id);
875  while ((p = av_codec_iterate(&i))) {
876  if (!x(p))
877  continue;
878  if (p->id == id) {
879  if (p->capabilities & AV_CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL && !experimental) {
880  experimental = p;
881  } else
882  return (AVCodec*)p;
883  }
884  }
886  return (AVCodec*)experimental;
887 }
890 {
891  return find_codec(id, av_codec_is_encoder);
892 }
895 {
896  return find_codec(id, av_codec_is_decoder);
897 }
899 static AVCodec *find_codec_by_name(const char *name, int (*x)(const AVCodec *))
900 {
901  void *i = 0;
902  const AVCodec *p;
904  if (!name)
905  return NULL;
907  while ((p = av_codec_iterate(&i))) {
908  if (!x(p))
909  continue;
910  if (strcmp(name, p->name) == 0)
911  return (AVCodec*)p;
912  }
914  return NULL;
915 }
918 {
920 }
923 {
925 }
AVCodec ff_msvideo1_encoder
Definition: msvideo1enc.c:295
AVCodec ff_libtheora_encoder
AVCodec struct exposed to libavcodec.
Definition: libtheoraenc.c:375
AVCodec ff_prores_decoder
Definition: proresdec2.c:830
AVCodec ff_wmv3image_decoder
AVCodec ff_truehd_encoder
AVCodec ff_mp3adufloat_decoder
AVCodec ff_ffwavesynth_decoder
Definition: ffwavesynth.c:468
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ct_decoder
AVCodec ff_lagarith_decoder
Definition: lagarith.c:722
AVCodec ff_vp4_decoder
AVCodec ff_stl_decoder
#define NULL
Definition: coverity.c:32
AVCodec ff_rpza_decoder
Definition: rpza.c:289
AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_xwd_encoder
Definition: xwdenc.c:218
AVCodec ff_evrc_decoder
Definition: evrcdec.c:931
AVCodec ff_libwebp_anim_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_encoder
AVCodec ff_roq_encoder
Definition: roqvideoenc.c:1126
AVCodec ff_eatgv_decoder
Definition: eatgv.c:362
AVCodec ff_xpm_decoder
Definition: xpmdec.c:439
AVCodec ff_on2avc_decoder
Definition: on2avc.c:1011
AVCodec ff_subviewer1_decoder
AVCodec ff_rl2_decoder
Definition: rl2.c:221
AVCodec ff_vp8_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpl2_decoder
Definition: mpl2dec.c:84
AVCodec ff_opus_encoder
Definition: opusenc.c:720
AVCodec ff_qdm2_decoder
Definition: qdm2.c:1874
AVCodec ff_libopenh264_encoder
AVCodec ff_nellymoser_encoder
AVCodec * avcodec_find_encoder(enum AVCodecID id)
Find a registered encoder with a matching codec ID.
Definition: allcodecs.c:889
AVCodec ff_vqa_decoder
Definition: vqavideo.c:645
AVCodec ff_mp2_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_avrn_decoder
Definition: avrndec.c:162
AVCodec ff_jpegls_decoder
Definition: jpeglsdec.c:546
AVCodec ff_alac_decoder
Definition: alac.c:627
AVCodec ff_xbm_encoder
Definition: xbmenc.c:58
AVCodec ff_h263i_decoder
Definition: intelh263dec.c:131
AVCodec ff_vc1_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_alac_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp3_decoder
Definition: vp3.c:3269
AVCodec ff_libaribb24_decoder
Definition: libaribb24.c:383
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_encoder
Definition: pcm-dvdenc.c:178
AVCodec ff_prores_ks_encoder
AVCodec ff_pam_encoder
Definition: pamenc.c:142
AVCodec * av_codec_next(const AVCodec *c)
If c is NULL, returns the first registered codec, if c is non-NULL, returns the next registered codec...
Definition: allcodecs.c:842
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_2_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo3_decoder
Definition: indeo3.c:1136
AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_encoder
Definition: cngenc.c:105
AVCodec ff_libx262_encoder
AVCodec ff_pbm_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_encoder
Definition: mpeg12enc.c:1200
AVCodec ff_mp2_decoder
AVCodec ff_bintext_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv1_decoder
Definition: msmpeg4dec.c:935
AVCodec ff_a64multi_encoder
AVCodec ff_opus_decoder
Definition: opusdec.c:729
AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_decoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_omx_encoder
Definition: omx.c:975
AVCodec ff_libopenh264_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmv2_encoder
Definition: wmv2enc.c:224
AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_encoder
Definition: roqaudioenc.c:192
AVCodec ff_ac3_decoder
Definition: ac3dec_float.c:56
AVCodec ff_imm4_decoder
Definition: imm4.c:544
AVCodec ff_alias_pix_encoder
Definition: aliaspixenc.c:113
AVCodec ff_cllc_decoder
Definition: cllc.c:522
AVCodec ff_vp5_decoder
Definition: vp5.c:294
AVCodec ff_tiff_decoder
Definition: tiff.c:2132
AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v1_decoder
Definition: msmpeg4dec.c:881
AVCodec ff_kmvc_decoder
Definition: kmvc.c:419
AVCodec ff_pcm_vidc_decoder
AVCodec ff_zmbv_encoder
Definition: zmbvenc.c:431
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_cuvid_decoder
Codec is experimental and is thus avoided in favor of non experimental encoders.
Definition: avcodec.h:1032
AVCodec ff_exr_decoder
Definition: exr.c:1951
AVCodec ff_apng_encoder
Definition: pngenc.c:1161
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_apc_decoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_amv_decoder
AVCodec ff_roq_decoder
Definition: roqvideodec.c:241
AVCodec ff_imm5_decoder
Definition: imm5.c:181
AVCodec ff_g723_1_encoder
Definition: g723_1enc.c:1199
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_encoder
Definition: qsvenc_mpeg2.c:98
AVCodec ff_hevc_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_escape124_decoder
Definition: escape124.c:379
AVCodec ff_vmdaudio_decoder
Definition: vmdaudio.c:226
AVCodec ff_gif_decoder
Definition: gifdec.c:562
AVCodec ff_cpia_decoder
Definition: cpia.c:223
AVCodec ff_aura2_decoder
Definition: aura.c:100
AVCodec ff_agm_decoder
Definition: agm.c:1275
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp6f_decoder
Definition: vp6.c:719
AVCodec ff_mlp_encoder
AVCodec ff_aac_latm_decoder
Definition: aacdec.c:576
const AVCodec * av_codec_iterate(void **opaque)
Iterate over all registered codecs.
Definition: allcodecs.c:807
Definition: avcodec.h:3492
AVCodec ff_vp8_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ms_decoder
AVCodec ff_speedhq_decoder
Definition: speedhq.c:676
AVCodec ff_bmv_audio_decoder
Definition: bmvaudio.c:81
AVCodec ff_libx265_encoder
Definition: libx265.c:558
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_eacs_decoder
static void av_codec_init_static(void)
Definition: allcodecs.c:799
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk4_decoder
AVCodec ff_ra_288_decoder
Definition: ra288.c:244
AVCodec ff_utvideo_decoder
Definition: utvideodec.c:1080
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dat4_decoder
AVCodec ff_realtext_decoder
Definition: realtextdec.c:77
AVCodec ff_rv20_decoder
Definition: rv10.c:808
AVCodec ff_bfi_decoder
Definition: bfi.c:178
AVCodec ff_text_decoder
AVCodec ff_smackaud_decoder
Definition: smacker.c:831
AVCodec ff_arbc_decoder
Definition: arbc.c:215
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_encoder
AVCodec ff_aic_decoder
Definition: aic.c:497
AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_encoder
Definition: ac3enc_fixed.c:146
AVCodec ff_mimic_decoder
Definition: mimic.c:472
int av_codec_is_decoder(const AVCodec *codec)
Definition: utils.c:99
AVCodec ff_msrle_decoder
Definition: msrle.c:168
AVCodec ff_vp9_decoder
Definition: vp9.c:1788
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_als_decoder
Definition: alsdec.c:2160
AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_decoder
Definition: adxdec.c:177
AVCodec ff_rawvideo_decoder
Definition: rawdec.c:495
int av_codec_is_encoder(const AVCodec *codec)
Definition: utils.c:94
AVCodec ff_rawvideo_encoder
Definition: rawenc.c:88
AVCodec ff_libcodec2_encoder
Definition: libcodec2.c:199
AVCodec ff_mp1_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_amrwb_decoder
Definition: amrwbdec.c:1270
AVCodec ff_webvtt_encoder
Definition: webvttenc.c:227
AVCodec ff_tscc2_decoder
Definition: tscc2.c:376
AVCodec ff_vp6_decoder
Definition: vp6.c:706
AVCodec ff_hevc_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_xa_decoder
AVCodec ff_mlp_decoder
AVCodec ff_mace6_decoder
Definition: mace.c:300
AVCodec ff_eightbps_decoder
Definition: 8bps.c:184
AVCodec ff_dxv_decoder
Definition: dxv.c:1265
AVCodec ff_eightsvx_exp_decoder
AVCodec ff_gsm_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvorbis_encoder
Definition: libvorbisenc.c:366
AVCodec ff_subviewer_decoder
Definition: subviewerdec.c:68
AVCodec ff_pcm_lxf_decoder
AVCodec ff_prores_encoder
AVCodec ff_y41p_encoder
Definition: y41penc.c:83
AVCodec ff_sonic_ls_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_zork_decoder
#define av_cold
Definition: attributes.h:82
AVCodec ff_ilbc_decoder
Definition: ilbcdec.c:1480
AVCodec ff_mpeg1_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_tdsc_decoder
Definition: tdsc.c:618
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_flac_decoder
Definition: flacdec.c:676
AVCodec ff_psd_decoder
Definition: psd.c:550
AVCodec ff_dds_decoder
Definition: dds.c:751
AVCodec ff_truemotion2_decoder
Definition: truemotion2.c:1046
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_encoder
AVCodec ff_vcr1_decoder
Definition: vcr1.c:124
Undefined Behavior In the C some operations are like signed integer dereferencing freed accessing outside allocated Undefined Behavior must not occur in a C it is not safe even if the output of undefined operations is unused The unsafety may seem nit picking but Optimizing compilers have in fact optimized code on the assumption that no undefined Behavior occurs Optimizing code based on wrong assumptions can and has in some cases lead to effects beyond the output of computations The signed integer overflow problem in speed critical code Code which is highly optimized and works with signed integers sometimes has the problem that often the output of the computation does not c
Definition: undefined.txt:32
AVCodec ff_adpcm_agm_decoder
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp8_encoder
AVCodec ff_tta_decoder
Definition: tta.c:424
AVCodec ff_libxvid_encoder
Definition: libxvid.c:924
AVCodec ff_mp3on4float_decoder
AVCodec ff_indeo5_decoder
Definition: indeo5.c:685
AVCodec ff_apng_decoder
AVCodec ff_smc_decoder
Definition: smc.c:477
AVCodec ff_pcm_f16le_decoder
AVCodec ff_vmdvideo_decoder
Definition: vmdvideo.c:465
AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_encoder
AVCodec ff_libvo_amrwbenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_sunrast_encoder
Definition: sunrastenc.c:234
AVCodec ff_pgm_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_s302m_encoder
Definition: s302menc.c:170
AVCodec ff_y41p_decoder
Definition: y41pdec.c:84
AVCodec ff_pcm_f24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_encoder
AVCodec ff_xl_decoder
Definition: xl.c:130
AVCodec ff_eamad_decoder
Definition: eamad.c:342
AVCodec ff_targa_decoder
Definition: targa.c:300
AVCodec ff_ra_144_encoder
Definition: ra144enc.c:545
AVCodec ff_ra_144_decoder
Definition: ra144dec.c:129
AVCodec ff_bink_decoder
Definition: bink.c:1416
AVCodec ff_libdavs2_decoder
Definition: libdavs2.c:214
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_decoder
AVCodec ff_s302m_decoder
Definition: s302m.c:221
AVCodec ff_mwsc_decoder
Definition: mwsc.c:180
AVCodec ff_frwu_decoder
Definition: frwu.c:118
AVCodec ff_mace3_decoder
Definition: mace.c:287
AVCodec ff_h263_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ea_sead_decoder
AVCodec ff_ljpeg_encoder
Definition: ljpegenc.c:353
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3p_decoder
av_cold void avcodec_register(AVCodec *codec)
Register the codec codec and initialize libavcodec.
Definition: allcodecs.c:837
AVCodec ff_pgssub_decoder
Definition: pgssubdec.c:717
AVCodec ff_mss2_decoder
Definition: mss2.c:852
AVCodec ff_lscr_decoder
AVCodec ff_paf_video_decoder
Definition: pafvideo.c:406
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_gremlin_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_xan_wc4_decoder
Definition: xxan.c:440
AVCodec ff_prores_aw_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_qt_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_vima_decoder
Definition: vima.c:210
AVCodec ff_eacmv_decoder
Definition: eacmv.c:236
AVCodec ff_svq1_decoder
Definition: svq1dec.c:836
AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmv3_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_tiff_encoder
Definition: tiffenc.c:577
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_4_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_cinepak_decoder
Definition: cinepak.c:515
AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_decoder
AVCodec ff_pgm_decoder
#define AVOnce
Definition: thread.h:159
AVCodec ff_mscc_decoder
Definition: mscc.c:254
AVCodec ff_wmv3_decoder
AVCodec ff_xan_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_prosumer_decoder
Definition: prosumer.c:368
AVCodec ff_r210_decoder
AVCodec ff_v210x_decoder
Definition: v210x.c:123
AVCodec ff_indeo4_decoder
Definition: indeo4.c:706
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_decoder
void avcodec_register_all(void)
Register all the codecs, parsers and bitstream filters which were enabled at configuration time...
Definition: allcodecs.c:852
AVCodec ff_movtext_encoder
Definition: movtextenc.c:432
AVCodec ff_atrac9_decoder
Definition: atrac9dec.c:953
AVCodec ff_mvc1_decoder
AVCodec * avcodec_find_encoder_by_name(const char *name)
Find a registered encoder with the specified name.
Definition: allcodecs.c:917
AVCodec ff_adpcm_afc_decoder
AVCodec ff_c93_decoder
Definition: c93.c:262
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_encoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_encoder
Definition: eac3enc.c:254
AVCodec ff_alac_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_nellymoser_decoder
Libavcodec version macros.
AVCodec ff_sol_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_huffyuv_decoder
Definition: huffyuvdec.c:1294
AVCodec ff_fraps_decoder
Definition: fraps.c:341
enum AVCodecID id
Definition: avcodec.h:3506
AVCodec ff_ppm_encoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_mtaf_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_encoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_idcin_decoder
Definition: idcinvideo.c:251
#define i(width, name, range_min, range_max)
Definition: cbs_h2645.c:259
Identify the syntax and semantics of the bitstream.
Definition: avcodec.h:215
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_decoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_decoder
Definition: msmpeg4dec.c:917
AVCodec ff_mss1_decoder
Definition: mss1.c:221
AVCodec ff_rv10_encoder
Definition: rv10enc.c:73
AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_decoder
AVCodec ff_v308_encoder
Definition: v308enc.c:76
AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_encoder
AVCodec ff_pgmyuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_rv10_decoder
Definition: rv10.c:791
AVCodec ff_eatgq_decoder
Definition: eatgq.c:247
AVCodec ff_cfhd_decoder
Definition: cfhd.c:1050
AVCodec ff_libwavpack_encoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3pal_decoder
AVCodec ff_clearvideo_decoder
Definition: clearvideo.c:906
AVCodec ff_hymt_decoder
AVCodec ff_png_encoder
Definition: pngenc.c:1140
static void av_codec_init_next(void)
Definition: allcodecs.c:824
AVCodec ff_hevc_videotoolbox_encoder
AVCodec ff_avs_decoder
Definition: avs.c:179
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_decoder
Definition: vc1dec.c:1196
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_decoder
AVCodec ff_cljr_encoder
Definition: cljrenc.c:112
AVCodec ff_avui_decoder
Definition: avuidec.c:122
AVCodec ff_qdraw_decoder
Definition: qdrw.c:515
AVCodec ff_xsub_encoder
Definition: xsubenc.c:227
AVCodec ff_vc1_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_encoder
Definition: libaomenc.c:1106
AVCodec ff_loco_decoder
Definition: loco.c:340
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_encoder
static AVCodec * find_codec(enum AVCodecID id, int(*x)(const AVCodec *))
Definition: allcodecs.c:868
AVCodec ff_gsm_ms_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_decoder
int capabilities
Codec capabilities.
Definition: avcodec.h:3511
AVCodec ff_dxtory_decoder
Definition: dxtory.c:630
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64le_decoder
AVCodec ff_xface_encoder
Definition: xfaceenc.c:214
AVCodec ff_pam_decoder
AVCodec ff_comfortnoise_decoder
Definition: cngdec.c:164
AVCodec ff_theora_decoder
static FF_DISABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS AVOnce av_codec_next_init
Definition: allcodecs.c:822
AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_decoder
const char * name
Name of the codec implementation.
Definition: avcodec.h:3499
AVCodec ff_r10k_decoder
AVCodec ff_paf_audio_decoder
Definition: pafaudio.c:74
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_oki_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_encoder
AVCodec ff_h263p_decoder
Definition: h263dec.c:780
AVCodec ff_srgc_decoder
Definition: mscc.c:267
AVCodec ff_dvaudio_decoder
Definition: dvaudiodec.c:124
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726_encoder
AVCodec ff_srt_decoder
AVCodec ff_m101_decoder
Definition: m101.c:108
AVCodec ff_cinepak_encoder
Definition: cinepakenc.c:1198
AVCodec ff_amr_nb_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_amf_encoder
Definition: amfenc_h264.c:380
AVCodec ff_rasc_decoder
Definition: rasc.c:803
AVCodec ff_svq3_decoder
Definition: svq3.c:1646
AVCodec ff_flic_decoder
Definition: flicvideo.c:1105
AVCodec ff_dfa_decoder
Definition: dfa.c:417
AVCodec ff_anm_decoder
Definition: anm.c:195
AVCodec ff_pjs_decoder
AVCodec ff_bethsoftvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_cscd_decoder
Definition: cscd.c:169
AVCodec ff_eatqi_decoder
Definition: eatqi.c:182
static AVCodec * find_codec_by_name(const char *name, int(*x)(const AVCodec *))
Definition: allcodecs.c:899
AVCodec ff_ac3_fixed_decoder
Definition: ac3dec_fixed.c:184
AVCodec ff_hevc_nvenc_encoder
Definition: nvenc_hevc.c:191
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdmc_decoder
Definition: qdmc.c:779
AVCodec ff_flashsv2_decoder
AVCodec ff_dst_decoder
Definition: dstdec.c:370
AVCodec ff_nvenc_hevc_encoder
Definition: nvenc_hevc.c:163
AVCodec ff_adpcm_swf_decoder
AVCodec ff_mp3float_decoder
AVCodec ff_sonic_decoder
AVCodec ff_amv_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_yop_decoder
Definition: yop.c:268
AVCodec ff_bmv_video_decoder
Definition: bmvvideo.c:288
AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_ppm_decoder
AVCodec ff_libspeex_encoder
Definition: libspeexenc.c:350
AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_encoder
Definition: qsvenc_hevc.c:270
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_qtrle_encoder
Definition: qtrleenc.c:404
AVCodec ff_mp1float_decoder
AVCodec ff_dca_encoder
Definition: dcaenc.c:1240
AVCodec ff_dsd_lsbf_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_dpx_decoder
Definition: dpx.c:499
AVCodec ff_hevc_amf_encoder
Definition: amfenc_hevc.c:310
AVCodec ff_h263_decoder
Definition: h263dec.c:762
AVCodec ff_bmp_decoder
Definition: bmp.c:368
AVCodec ff_utvideo_encoder
Definition: utvideoenc.c:670
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_truespeech_decoder
Definition: truespeech.c:356
AVCodec ff_mpc7_decoder
Definition: mpc7.c:331
AVCodec ff_rv30_decoder
Definition: rv30.c:291
AVCodec ff_binkaudio_dct_decoder
Definition: binkaudio.c:354
AVCodec ff_microdvd_decoder
Definition: microdvddec.c:371
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_sanm_decoder
Definition: sanm.c:1518
AVCodec ff_dvvideo_encoder
Definition: dvenc.c:770
AVCodec ff_snow_decoder
Definition: snowdec.c:659
AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_decoder
AVCodec ff_targa_encoder
Definition: targaenc.c:219
AVCodec ff_adpcm_sbpro_3_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc1_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_vmnc_decoder
Definition: vmnc.c:575
AVCodec ff_imc_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_encoder
AVCodec ff_sami_decoder
Definition: samidec.c:183
AVCodec ff_mpegvideo_decoder
Definition: mpeg12dec.c:2957
AVCodec ff_aac_encoder
Definition: aacenc.c:1149
AVCodec ff_msvideo1_decoder
Definition: msvideo1.c:351
AVCodec ff_vp8_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_ptx_decoder
Definition: ptx.c:85
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_decoder
AVCodec ff_shorten_decoder
Definition: shorten.c:802
AVCodec ff_acelp_kelvin_decoder
Definition: g729dec.c:758
AVCodec ff_sp5x_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_encoder
Definition: qsvenc_h264.c:182
AVCodec ff_vb_decoder
Definition: vb.c:284
AVCodec ff_flashsv_encoder
Definition: flashsvenc.c:281
AVCodec ff_sbc_decoder
Definition: sbcdec.c:365
AVCodec ff_h264_nvenc_encoder
Definition: nvenc_h264.c:233
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_jacosub_decoder
Definition: jacosubdec.c:196
AVCodec ff_atrac3al_decoder
Definition: atrac3.c:1026
AVCodec ff_avrp_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_truemotion2rt_decoder
AVCodec ff_asv1_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_decoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_qsv_encoder
Definition: qsvenc_jpeg.c:82
AVCodec ff_adpcm_dtk_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_encoder
AVCodec ff_libilbc_decoder
Definition: libilbc.c:106
AVCodec ff_eightsvx_fib_decoder
AVCodec ff_ws_snd1_decoder
Definition: ws-snd1.c:173
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_asv2_encoder
AVCodec ff_smvjpeg_decoder
Definition: smvjpegdec.c:215
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_r10k_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_aica_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_decoder
AVCodec ff_ayuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_alac_encoder
Definition: alacenc.c:670
AVCodec ff_aasc_decoder
Definition: aasc.c:152
AVCodec ff_ffvhuff_decoder
AVCodec ff_ac3_encoder
Definition: ac3enc_float.c:141
AVCodec ff_ape_decoder
Definition: apedec.c:1581
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrnb_encoder
AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_decoder
Definition: jpeg2000dec.c:2275
AVCodec ff_mp1_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_encoder
AVCodec ff_tscc_decoder
Definition: tscc.c:190
AVCodec ff_libwebp_encoder
Definition: libwebpenc.c:96
AVCodec ff_wmav2_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_dvd_decoder
Definition: pcm-dvd.c:305
AVCodec ff_qdmc_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_hd_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_4xm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_encoder
Definition: g722enc.c:378
AVCodec ff_libvpx_vp9_encoder
AVCodec ff_zlib_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_nvenc_h264_encoder
AVCodec ff_mp2float_decoder
AVCodec ff_wavpack_decoder
Definition: wavpack.c:1150
AVCodec ff_g2m_decoder
Definition: g2meet.c:1640
AVCodec ff_dnxhd_encoder
Definition: dnxhdenc.c:1392
AVCodec ff_vp8_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_decoder
AVCodec ff_idf_decoder
AVCodec ff_ylc_decoder
Definition: ylc.c:490
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_maxis_xa_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r2_decoder
AVCodec ff_nuv_decoder
Definition: nuv.c:360
AVCodec ff_iac_decoder
AVCodec ff_sheervideo_decoder
Definition: sheervideo.c:2089
AVCodec ff_tak_decoder
Definition: takdec.c:947
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_libcodec2_decoder
Definition: libcodec2.c:183
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32be_encoder
AVCodec ff_v410_decoder
Definition: v410dec.c:90
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_ws_decoder
AVCodec ff_sonic_encoder
AVCodec ff_sgi_decoder
Definition: sgidec.c:291
AVCodec ff_dsicinaudio_decoder
Definition: dsicinaudio.c:124
AVCodec ff_mp3on4_decoder
AVCodec ff_zlib_encoder
Definition: lclenc.c:170
AVCodec ff_truehd_decoder
#define AV_ONCE_INIT
Definition: thread.h:160
AVCodec ff_mp3_decoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_encoder
AVCodec ff_dss_sp_decoder
Definition: dss_sp.c:776
Libavcodec external API header.
AVCodec ff_vp9_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_sipr_decoder
Definition: sipr.c:565
AVCodec ff_libvorbis_decoder
Definition: libvorbisdec.c:208
AVCodec ff_fmvc_decoder
Definition: fmvc.c:627
AVCodec ff_twinvq_decoder
Definition: twinvqdec.c:416
AVCodec ff_hnm4_video_decoder
Definition: hnm4video.c:512
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_zmbv_decoder
Definition: zmbv.c:663
AVCodec ff_h264_decoder
Definition: h264dec.c:1050
AVCodec ff_huffyuv_encoder
Definition: huffyuvenc.c:1085
AVCodec ff_sunrast_decoder
Definition: sunrast.c:208
AVCodec ff_svq1_encoder
Definition: svq1enc.c:684
AVCodec ff_mxpeg_decoder
Definition: mxpegdec.c:337
AVCodec ff_iff_ilbm_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r3_decoder
AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_tmv_decoder
Definition: tmv.c:89
AVCodec ff_dvvideo_decoder
Definition: dvdec.c:565
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_encoder
AVCodec ff_webp_decoder
Definition: webp.c:1579
AVCodec ff_ssa_encoder
AVCodec * avcodec_find_decoder(enum AVCodecID id)
Find a registered decoder with a matching codec ID.
Definition: allcodecs.c:894
AVCodec ff_xface_decoder
Definition: xfacedec.c:179
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmapro_decoder
wmapro decoder
Definition: wmaprodec.c:1990
AVCodec ff_vorbis_decoder
Definition: vorbisdec.c:1883
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g722_decoder
Definition: g722dec.c:142
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_dolby_e_decoder
Definition: dolby_e.c:792
AVCodec ff_subrip_encoder
AVCodec ff_qtrle_decoder
Definition: qtrle.c:591
AVCodec ff_pcx_decoder
Definition: pcx.c:252
AVCodec ff_wnv1_decoder
Definition: wnv1.c:150
AVCodec ff_mp2fixed_encoder
AVCodec ff_ansi_decoder
Definition: ansi.c:476
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_encoder
AVCodec ff_brender_pix_decoder
Definition: brenderpix.c:288
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_decoder
AVCodec ff_vplayer_decoder
AVCodec ff_pixlet_decoder
Definition: pixlet.c:693
AVCodec ff_hevc_decoder
Definition: hevcdec.c:3557
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v3_encoder
struct AVCodec * next
Definition: avcodec.h:3541
AVCodec ff_hcom_decoder
Definition: hcom.c:134
AVCodec ff_v408_encoder
AVCodec ff_ayuv_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u24be_decoder
AVCodec ff_cyuv_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmavoice_decoder
Definition: wmavoice.c:1991
AVCodec ff_v410_encoder
Definition: v410enc.c:83
AVCodec ff_pictor_decoder
Definition: pictordec.c:284
AVCodec ff_vp8_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_cdxl_decoder
Definition: cdxl.c:327
AVCodec ff_dca_decoder
Definition: dcadec.c:384
AVCodec ff_srt_encoder
AVCodec ff_r210_encoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_roq_dpcm_decoder
AVCodec ff_libxavs_encoder
Definition: libxavs.c:468
AVCodec ff_mpeg2video_decoder
Definition: mpeg12dec.c:2911
AVCodec ff_v210_decoder
Definition: v210dec.c:189
AVCodec ff_dvbsub_decoder
Definition: dvbsubdec.c:1746
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_decoder
AVCodec ff_dvdsub_encoder
Definition: dvdsubenc.c:481
AVCodec ff_tiertexseqvideo_decoder
Definition: tiertexseqv.c:264
AVCodec ff_adpcm_psx_decoder
AVCodec ff_jv_decoder
Definition: jvdec.c:236
AVCodec ff_avrp_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp9_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_thp_le_decoder
AVCodec ff_aac_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_ralf_decoder
Definition: ralf.c:523
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32be_decoder
AVCodec ff_hq_hqa_decoder
Definition: hq_hqa.c:384
AVCodec ff_sgirle_decoder
Definition: sgirledec.c:134
AVCodec ff_libxavs2_encoder
Definition: libxavs2.c:278
AVCodec ff_qcelp_decoder
Definition: qcelpdec.c:793
AVCodec ff_vp9_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_targa_y216_decoder
Definition: targa_y216dec.c:76
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_smjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_flac_encoder
Definition: flacenc.c:1502
AVCodec ff_libopus_encoder
Definition: libopusenc.c:577
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg1video_decoder
Definition: mpeg12dec.c:2878
AVCodec ff_zerocodec_decoder
Definition: zerocodec.c:142
AVCodec ff_pcm_s8_encoder
AVCodec ff_h261_decoder
Definition: h261dec.c:679
AVCodec ff_libspeex_decoder
Definition: libspeexdec.c:192
AVCodec ff_amrnb_decoder
Definition: amrnbdec.c:1083
AVCodec ff_pcm_u32le_decoder
AVCodec ff_vc2_encoder
Definition: vc2enc.c:1228
AVCodec ff_escape130_decoder
Definition: escape130.c:351
AVCodec ff_aac_decoder
Definition: aacdec.c:551
AVCodec ff_rscc_decoder
Definition: rscc.c:369
AVCodec ff_librsvg_decoder
Definition: librsvgdec.c:120
AVCodec ff_libdav1d_decoder
Definition: libdav1d.c:357
AVCodec ff_ass_encoder
AVCodec ff_dpx_encoder
Definition: dpxenc.c:279
AVCodec * avcodec_find_decoder_by_name(const char *name)
Find a registered decoder with the specified name.
Definition: allcodecs.c:922
AVCodec ff_alias_pix_decoder
Definition: aliaspixdec.c:121
AVCodec ff_xbm_decoder
Definition: xbmdec.c:130
AVCodec ff_nvenc_encoder
AVCodec ff_h263_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_mp3adu_decoder
AVCodec ff_yuv4_encoder
Definition: yuv4enc.c:70
AVCodec ff_subrip_decoder
AVCodec ff_xbin_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpc8_decoder
Definition: mpc8.c:445
AVCodec ff_scpr_decoder
Definition: scpr.c:670
AVCodec ff_xma2_decoder
Definition: wmaprodec.c:2021
AVCodec ff_wmalossless_decoder
AVCodec ff_qpeg_decoder
Definition: qpeg.c:358
AVCodec ff_hevc_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmav2_encoder
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_decoder
AVCodec ff_eac3_decoder
AVCodec ff_mjpegb_decoder
Definition: mjpegbdec.c:154
AVCodec ff_text_encoder
AVCodec ff_xwd_decoder
Definition: xwddec.c:250
AVCodec ff_jpegls_encoder
Definition: jpeglsenc.c:466
AVCodec ff_yuv4_decoder
Definition: yuv4dec.c:76
AVCodec ff_h264_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_videotoolbox_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_yamaha_encoder
AVCodec ff_flashsv2_encoder
Definition: flashsv2enc.c:912
AVCodec ff_atrac1_decoder
Definition: atrac1.c:380
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64be_encoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_adx_encoder
Definition: adxenc.c:190
AVCodec ff_libfdk_aac_decoder
AVCodec ff_wmv1_encoder
AVCodec ff_snow_encoder
Definition: snowenc.c:1948
AVCodec ff_h264_mediacodec_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopencore_amrwb_decoder
Definition: internal.h:84
AVCodec ff_ac3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_xma1_decoder
Definition: wmaprodec.c:2006
AVCodec ff_libilbc_encoder
Definition: libilbc.c:184
AVCodec ff_ccaption_decoder
Definition: ccaption_dec.c:832
AVCodec ff_dnxhd_decoder
Definition: dnxhddec.c:728
AVCodec ff_dsicinvideo_decoder
Definition: dsicinvideo.c:325
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_encoder
AVCodec ff_wmav1_encoder
AVCodec ff_rv20_encoder
Definition: rv20enc.c:70
AVCodec ff_h264_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_ssa_decoder
AVCodec ff_libgsm_decoder
AVCodec ff_mszh_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_wav_encoder
AVCodec ff_v210_encoder
Definition: v210enc.c:160
AVCodec ff_h264_mmal_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_xsub_decoder
Definition: xsubdec.c:176
AVCodec ff_vc1_crystalhd_decoder
AVCodec ff_wcmv_decoder
Definition: wcmv.c:252
AVCodec ff_ass_decoder
AVCodec ff_cljr_decoder
Definition: cljrdec.c:85
AVCodec ff_cook_decoder
Definition: cook.c:1275
AVCodec ff_kgv1_decoder
Definition: kgv1dec.c:179
AVCodec ff_webvtt_decoder
Definition: webvttdec.c:101
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16be_planar_encoder
static FF_ENABLE_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS enum AVCodecID remap_deprecated_codec_id(enum AVCodecID id)
Definition: allcodecs.c:859
AVCodec ff_cdgraphics_decoder
Definition: cdgraphics.c:377
AVCodec ff_mts2_decoder
Definition: mss4.c:675
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_rv40_decoder
Definition: rv40.c:570
AVCodec ff_wavpack_encoder
Definition: wavpackenc.c:2960
AVCodec ff_msmpeg4v2_decoder
Definition: msmpeg4dec.c:899
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_planar_encoder
AVCodec ff_h264_rkmpp_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_f64be_encoder
AVCodec ff_vble_decoder
Definition: vble.c:207
AVCodec ff_adpcm_g726le_encoder
AVCodec ff_zero12v_decoder
Definition: 012v.c:147
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_iss_decoder
AVCodec ff_atrac3_decoder
Definition: atrac3.c:1012
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24be_decoder
AVCodec ff_v308_decoder
Definition: v308dec.c:75
AVCodec ff_gif_encoder
Definition: gif.c:486
AVCodec ff_pcm_bluray_decoder
Definition: pcm-bluray.c:304
AVCodec ff_mdec_decoder
Definition: mdec.c:264
AVCodec ff_vp6a_decoder
Definition: vp6.c:732
AVCodec ff_magicyuv_encoder
Definition: magicyuvenc.c:574
AVCodec ff_binkaudio_rdft_decoder
Definition: binkaudio.c:342
AVCodec ff_mmvideo_decoder
Definition: mmvideo.c:241
AVCodec ff_xan_wc3_decoder
Definition: xan.c:642
AVCodec ff_avui_encoder
Definition: avuienc.c:94
AVCodec ff_hap_decoder
Definition: hapdec.c:474
AVCodec ff_libopus_decoder
Definition: libopusdec.c:228
Definition: internal.h:85
AVCodec ff_h261_encoder
Definition: h261enc.c:388
AVCodec ff_libgsm_ms_encoder
AVCodec ff_v408_decoder
AVCodec ff_aptx_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s64le_decoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_video_decoder
AVCodec ff_bmp_encoder
Definition: bmpenc.c:166
AVCodec ff_fic_decoder
Definition: fic.c:485
AVCodec ff_pcx_encoder
Definition: pcxenc.c:207
AVCodec ff_vc1image_decoder
static int ff_thread_once(char *control, void(*routine)(void))
Definition: thread.h:162
AVCodec ff_cavs_decoder
Definition: cavsdec.c:1292
AVCodec ff_hap_encoder
Definition: hapenc.c:352
AVCodec ff_wmv2_decoder
Definition: wmv2dec.c:530
AVCodec ff_libtwolame_encoder
Definition: libtwolame.c:205
AVCodec ff_libx264rgb_encoder
AVCodec ff_aura_decoder
AVCodec ff_libshine_encoder
Definition: libshine.c:133
static AVOnce av_codec_static_init
Definition: allcodecs.c:798
AVCodec ff_hqx_decoder
Definition: hqx.c:535
AVCodec ff_ffv1_decoder
Definition: ffv1dec.c:1087
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16be_decoder
AVCodec ff_msa1_decoder
Definition: mss3.c:869
AVCodec ff_libx264_encoder
AVCodec ff_dvdsub_decoder
Definition: dvdsubdec.c:791
AVCodec ff_amv_encoder
AVCodec ff_interplay_acm_decoder
Definition: interplayacm.c:623
AVCodec ff_sbc_encoder
Definition: sbcenc.c:344
AVCodec ff_pcm_f32le_decoder
AVCodec ff_smacker_decoder
Definition: smacker.c:819
AVCodec ff_aac_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_wrapped_avframe_decoder
AVCodec ff_hevc_qsv_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_v4l2m2m_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_u8_encoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s32le_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_libopenjpeg_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_dk3_decoder
void(* init_static_data)(struct AVCodec *codec)
Initialize codec static data, called from avcodec_register().
Definition: avcodec.h:3573
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24le_encoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_planar_decoder
AVCodec ff_bitpacked_decoder
Definition: bitpacked.c:140
AVCodec ff_libmp3lame_encoder
Definition: libmp3lame.c:332
AVCodec ff_mvc2_decoder
AVCodec ff_libzvbi_teletext_decoder
AVCodec ff_fits_encoder
Definition: fitsenc.c:116
AVCodec ff_indeo2_decoder
Definition: indeo2.c:269
AVCodec ff_libkvazaar_encoder
Definition: libkvazaar.c:300
AVCodec ff_movtext_decoder
Definition: movtextdec.c:570
AVCodec ff_truemotion1_decoder
Definition: truemotion1.c:915
AVCodec ff_pcm_mulaw_decoder
AVCodec ff_flv_encoder
Definition: flvenc.c:101
AVCodec ff_motionpixels_decoder
Definition: motionpixels.c:347
AVCodec ff_mpeg4_encoder
AVCodec ff_a64multi5_encoder
AVCodec ff_txd_decoder
Definition: txd.c:155
AVCodec ff_g723_1_decoder
Definition: g723_1dec.c:1039
AVCodec ff_mp3_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp7_decoder
AVCodec ff_libcelt_decoder
Definition: libcelt_dec.c:130
AVCodec ff_metasound_decoder
Definition: metasound.c:379
AVCodec ff_thp_decoder
AVCodec ff_tta_encoder
Definition: ttaenc.c:203
AVCodec ff_flv_decoder
Definition: flvdec.c:116
AVCodec ff_pcm_u16le_encoder
AVCodec ff_mjpeg_encoder
AVCodec ff_dvbsub_encoder
Definition: dvbsub.c:469
AVCodec ff_sgi_encoder
Definition: sgienc.c:279
AVCodec ff_dxa_decoder
Definition: dxa.c:364
AVCodec ff_pbm_decoder
enum AVCodecID id
AVCodec ff_ffv1_encoder
Definition: ffv1enc.c:1323
AVCodec ff_h263p_encoder
AVCodec ff_magicyuv_decoder
Definition: magicyuv.c:777
AVCodec ff_dirac_decoder
Definition: diracdec.c:2361
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_cuvid_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_xas_decoder
AVCodec ff_vp8_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_encoder
AVCodec ff_ilbc_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_ulti_decoder
Definition: ulti.c:421
AVCodec ff_jpeg2000_encoder
Definition: j2kenc.c:1244
AVCodec ff_vorbis_encoder
Definition: vorbisenc.c:1301
AVCodec ff_asv2_decoder
AVCodec ff_h264_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec ff_png_decoder
AVCodec ff_asv1_decoder
AVCodec ff_qdm2_at_decoder
AVCodec ff_gdv_decoder
Definition: gdv.c:564
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_at_encoder
AVCodec ff_g729_decoder
Definition: g729dec.c:746
AVCodec ff_pcm_s24daud_decoder
AVCodec ff_mpeg2_vaapi_encoder
AVCodec * codec_list[]
AVCodec ff_mp2_encoder
AVCodec ff_aac_fixed_decoder
Definition: aacdec_fixed.c:451
AVCodec ff_libaom_av1_decoder
Definition: libaomdec.c:222
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ima_rad_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_alaw_encoder
AVCodec ff_dsd_msbf_decoder
AVCodec ff_fits_decoder
Definition: fitsdec.c:323
const char * name
Definition: opengl_enc.c:102
AVCodec ff_screenpresso_decoder
Definition: screenpresso.c:185
AVCodec ff_fourxm_decoder
Definition: 4xm.c:1027
AVCodec ff_wmav1_decoder
AVCodec ff_pcm_s16le_decoder
AVCodec ff_adpcm_ea_r1_decoder
AVCodec ff_sdx2_dpcm_decoder