Data Fields
DnnOperand Struct Reference

#include <dnn_backend_native.h>

Data Fields

int32_t dims [4]
 there are two memory layouts, NHWC or NCHW, so we use dims, dims[0] is Number. More...
DNNOperandType type
 input/output/intermediate operand of the network More...
DNNDataType data_type
 support different kinds of data type such as float, half float, int8 etc, first support float now. More...
int8_t isNHWC
 NHWC if 1, otherwise NCHW. More...
char name [128]
 to avoid possible memory leak, do not use char *name More...
 data pointer with data length in bytes. More...
int32_t length
int32_t usedNumbersLeft

Detailed Description

Definition at line 68 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Field Documentation

int32_t DnnOperand::dims[4]
DNNOperandType DnnOperand::type

input/output/intermediate operand of the network

Definition at line 78 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Referenced by ff_dnn_load_model_native(), and get_input_native().

DNNDataType DnnOperand::data_type
int8_t DnnOperand::isNHWC

NHWC if 1, otherwise NCHW.

let's first support NHWC only, this flag is for extensive usage.

Definition at line 90 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Referenced by ff_dnn_load_model_native().

char DnnOperand::name[128]

to avoid possible memory leak, do not use char *name

Definition at line 95 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

Referenced by convert_from_tensorflow.Operand::__str__(), execute_model_native(), ff_dnn_load_model_native(), and get_input_native().

void* DnnOperand::data
int32_t DnnOperand::length
int32_t DnnOperand::usedNumbersLeft

Definition at line 105 of file dnn_backend_native.h.

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