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common questions people ask me all the time, lets hope this reduces the stuff in my inbox, otherwise ill train bogofilter on them ...

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--- faq.texi	9 Jun 2005 19:54:58 -0000	1.18
+++ faq.texi	11 Sep 2005 16:39:47 -0000	1.19
@@ -182,4 +182,25 @@
 information. Those binaries are strip'd to create ffmpeg, ffplay, etc. If
 you need the debug information, used the *_g versions.
+ at section I do not like the LGPL, can I contribute code under the GPL instead
+yes, ffmpeg contains GPL and LGPL code, the GPL code is only compiled if
+'--enable-gpl' is passed to configure in which case the resulting binary will
+be covered by the GPL instead of the LGPL
+ at section I want to compile xyz.c alone but my compier produced many errors
+common code is in its own files in libav* and is used by the individual
+codecs, they will not work without the common parts, you have to compile
+the whole libav* and if you wish disable some parts with configure
+switches, you can also try to hack it and remove more but if you seriously
+wanted to ask the question above then you are not qualified for this
+ at section visual c++ produced many errors
+you need a c compiler (visual c++ is not compliant to the c standard)
+if you wish for whatever weird reason use visual c++ for your project
+then you can link the visual c++ code with libav* as long as you compile
+the later with a working c compiler

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