[Ffmpeg-cvslog] CVS: ffmpeg/libavcodec mpegvideo.c, 1.500, 1.501 mpegvideo.h, 1.230, 1.231

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml
Mon Jan 9 01:48:28 CET 2006

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> On Thu, Dec 29, 2005 at 04:46:27PM +0100, Michael Niedermayer CVS wrote:
>>Update of /cvsroot/ffmpeg/ffmpeg/libavcodec
>>In directory mail:/var2/tmp/cvs-serv14068/libavcodec
>>Modified Files:
>>	mpegvideo.c mpegvideo.h 
>>Log Message:
>>second try of improved lambda/qp guessing for motion estimation RD in first pass
> corey? anyone? is this better/worse/equal than the first try?

Sorry, I just got back home. I'll be resuming testing shortly.


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