[Ffmpeg-cvslog] r6151 - trunk/libavcodec/vc1.c

Guillaume POIRIER poirierg
Sun Sep 3 21:36:34 CEST 2006


On 9/2/06, kostya <subversion at mplayerhq.hu> wrote:
> Author: kostya
> Date: Sat Sep  2 06:53:49 2006
> New Revision: 6151
> Modified:
>    trunk/libavcodec/vc1.c
> Log:
> Replace usage of put_*_vc1_qpel_pixels_tab with put_*_h264_chroma_pixels_tab

I imagine this results on some nice speed-up of VC1 decoding since it
allows to use all the already SIMD-optimized routines used for H264...
or am I missing smth?

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