[FFmpeg-cvslog] r11396 - trunk/doc/general.texi

diego subversion
Fri Jan 4 16:20:52 CET 2008

Author: diego
Date: Fri Jan  4 16:20:52 2008
New Revision: 11396

Add a note about the license of libamr.


Modified: trunk/doc/general.texi
--- trunk/doc/general.texi	(original)
+++ trunk/doc/general.texi	Fri Jan  4 16:20:52 2008
@@ -24,6 +24,11 @@ Go to @url{http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/am
 installing the libraries. Then pass @code{--enable-libamr-nb} and/or
 @code{--enable-libamr-wb} to configure to enable the libraries.
+Note that libamr is copyrighted without any sort of license grant. This means
+that you can use it if you legally obtained it but you are not allowed to
+redistribute it in any way. @strong{Any FFmpeg binaries with libamr support
+you create are non-free and unredistributable!}
 @chapter Supported File Formats and Codecs

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