[FFmpeg-cvslog] r28499 - trunk/libswscale/swscale-example.c

diego subversion
Mon Feb 9 19:01:36 CET 2009

Author: diego
Date: Mon Feb  9 19:01:36 2009
New Revision: 28499

Add #undefs to reenable system functions that are normally forbidden in other
parts of FFmpeg but OK in this test program. Fixes the build.


Modified: trunk/libswscale/swscale-example.c
--- trunk/libswscale/swscale-example.c	Mon Feb  9 18:53:33 2009	(r28498)
+++ trunk/libswscale/swscale-example.c	Mon Feb  9 19:01:36 2009	(r28499)
@@ -29,6 +29,13 @@
 #include "swscale.h"
 #include "swscale_internal.h"
+#undef fprintf
+#undef free
+#undef malloc
+#undef perror
+#undef printf
+#undef random
 static uint64_t getSSD(uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, int stride1, int stride2, int w, int h){
     int x,y;
     uint64_t ssd=0;

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