[FFmpeg-cvslog] r19365 - in trunk: LICENSE configure doc/general.texi libavcodec/Makefile libavcodec/allcodecs.c libavcodec/libamr.c

diego subversion
Tue Jul 7 02:28:16 CEST 2009

Author: diego
Date: Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009
New Revision: 19365

Remove support for nonfree libamr library for AMR-NB/WB decoding/encoding.
libopencore can now be used as a replacement except for AMR-WB encoding.


Modified: trunk/LICENSE
--- trunk/LICENSE	Mon Jul  6 23:54:37 2009	(r19364)
+++ trunk/LICENSE	Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009	(r19365)
@@ -44,6 +44,6 @@ is incompatible with the LGPL v2.1 and t
 those licenses. So to combine the OpenCORE libraries with FFmpeg, the license
 version needs to be upgraded by passing --enable-version3 to configure.
-The nonfree external libraries libamrnb, libamrwb and libfaac can be hooked up
-in FFmpeg. You need to pass --enable-nonfree to configure to enable them. Employ
-this option with care as FFmpeg then becomes nonfree and unredistributable.
+The nonfree external library libfaac can be hooked up in FFmpeg. You need to
+pass --enable-nonfree to configure to enable it. Employ this option with care
+as FFmpeg then becomes nonfree and unredistributable.

Modified: trunk/configure
--- trunk/configure	Mon Jul  6 23:54:37 2009	(r19364)
+++ trunk/configure	Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009	(r19365)
@@ -154,8 +154,6 @@ show_help(){
   echo "External library support:"
   echo "  --enable-avisynth        enable reading of AVISynth script files [no]"
   echo "  --enable-bzlib           enable bzlib [autodetect]"
-  echo "  --enable-libamr-nb       enable libamr-nb floating point audio codec [no]"
-  echo "  --enable-libamr-wb       enable libamr-wb floating point audio codec [no]"
   echo "  --enable-libopencore-amrnb enable AMR-NB de/encoding via libopencore-amrnb [no]"
   echo "  --enable-libopencore-amrwb enable AMR-WB decoding via libopencore-amrwb [no]"
   echo "  --enable-libdc1394       enable IIDC-1394 grabbing using libdc1394"
@@ -794,8 +792,6 @@ CONFIG_LIST="
-    libamr_nb
-    libamr_wb
@@ -1115,10 +1111,6 @@ zmbv_encoder_select="zlib"
 # external libraries
 libdirac_decoder_deps="libdirac !libschroedinger"
@@ -1792,8 +1784,6 @@ die_license_disabled gpl libxvid
 die_license_disabled gpl postproc
 die_license_disabled gpl x11grab
-die_license_disabled nonfree libamr_nb
-die_license_disabled nonfree libamr_wb
 die_license_disabled nonfree libfaac
 die_license_disabled version3 libopencore_amrnb
@@ -2097,8 +2087,6 @@ done
 # these are off by default, so fail if requested and not available
 enabled avisynth   && require2 vfw32 "windows.h vfw.h" AVIFileInit -lvfw32
-enabled libamr_nb  && require  libamrnb amrnb/interf_dec.h Decoder_Interface_init -lamrnb -lm
-enabled libamr_wb  && require  libamrwb amrwb/dec_if.h D_IF_init -lamrwb -lm
 enabled libdirac   && add_cflags $(pkg-config --cflags dirac) &&
                       require  libdirac libdirac_decoder/dirac_parser.h dirac_decoder_init -ldirac_decoder &&
                       require  libdirac libdirac_encoder/dirac_encoder.h dirac_encoder_init -ldirac_encoder
@@ -2409,8 +2397,6 @@ if enabled sdl_too_old; then
 echo "Sun medialib support      ${mlib-no}"
 echo "AVISynth enabled          ${avisynth-no}"
-echo "libamr-nb support         ${libamr_nb-no}"
-echo "libamr-wb support         ${libamr_wb-no}"
 echo "libdc1394 support         ${libdc1394-no}"
 echo "libdirac enabled          ${libdirac-no}"
 echo "libfaac enabled           ${libfaac-no}"

Modified: trunk/doc/general.texi
--- trunk/doc/general.texi	Mon Jul  6 23:54:37 2009	(r19364)
+++ trunk/doc/general.texi	Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009	(r19365)
@@ -17,9 +17,7 @@ explicitly requested by passing the appr
 @section AMR
 AMR comes in two different flavors, wideband and narrowband. FFmpeg can make
-use of the AMR wideband (floating-point mode) and the AMR narrowband
-(floating-point mode) reference decoders and encoders (libamr) as well as
-the OpenCORE libraries for AMR-NB decoding/encoding and AMR-WB decoding.
+use of the OpenCORE libraries for AMR-NB decoding/encoding and AMR-WB decoding.
 @subsection OpenCORE
@@ -33,17 +31,6 @@ incompatible with the LGPL version 2.1 a
 upgrade FFmpeg's license to LGPL version 3 (or if you have enabled
 GPL components, GPL version 3) to use it.
- at subsection libamr
-Go to @url{http://www.penguin.cz/~utx/amr} and follow the instructions for
-installing the libraries. Then pass @code{--enable-libamr-nb} and/or
- at code{--enable-libamr-wb} to configure to enable the libraries.
-Note that libamr is copyrighted without any sort of license grant. This means
-that you can use it if you legally obtained it but you are not allowed to
-redistribute it in any way. @strong{Any FFmpeg binaries with libamr support
-you create are non-free and unredistributable!}
 @chapter Supported File Formats and Codecs
@@ -537,10 +524,9 @@ following image formats are supported:
     @tab Used in Westwood Studios games like Command and Conquer.
 @item ADPCM Yamaha           @tab  X  @tab  X
 @item AMR-NB                 @tab  E  @tab  E
-    @tab supported through external libraries libamrnb and libopencore-amrnb
- at item AMR-WB                 @tab  E  @tab  E
-    @tab decoding supported through external libraries libamrwb and libopencore-amrwb,
-         encoding supported through external library libamrwb
+    @tab supported through external library libopencore-amrnb
+ at item AMR-WB                 @tab     @tab  E
+    @tab decoding supported through external library libopencore-amrwb
 @item Apple lossless audio   @tab  X  @tab  X
     @tab QuickTime fourcc 'alac'
 @item Atrac 3                @tab     @tab  X

Modified: trunk/libavcodec/Makefile
--- trunk/libavcodec/Makefile	Mon Jul  6 23:54:37 2009	(r19364)
+++ trunk/libavcodec/Makefile	Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009	(r19365)
@@ -382,8 +382,6 @@ OBJS-$(CONFIG_OGG_MUXER)               +
 OBJS-$(CONFIG_RTP_MUXER)               += mpegvideo.o
 # external codec libraries
-OBJS-$(CONFIG_LIBAMR_NB)               += libamr.o
-OBJS-$(CONFIG_LIBAMR_WB)               += libamr.o
 OBJS-$(CONFIG_LIBDIRAC_DECODER)        += libdiracdec.o
 OBJS-$(CONFIG_LIBDIRAC_ENCODER)        += libdiracenc.o libdirac_libschro.o
 OBJS-$(CONFIG_LIBFAAC)                 += libfaac.o

Modified: trunk/libavcodec/allcodecs.c
--- trunk/libavcodec/allcodecs.c	Mon Jul  6 23:54:37 2009	(r19364)
+++ trunk/libavcodec/allcodecs.c	Tue Jul  7 02:28:16 2009	(r19365)
@@ -303,8 +303,6 @@ void avcodec_register_all(void)
     /* external libraries */
-    REGISTER_ENCDEC  (LIBAMR_NB, libamr_nb);
-    REGISTER_ENCDEC  (LIBAMR_WB, libamr_wb);

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