[FFmpeg-cvslog] r19393 - trunk/doc/general.texi

ramiro subversion
Fri Jul 10 02:16:21 CEST 2009

Author: ramiro
Date: Fri Jul 10 02:16:20 2009
New Revision: 19393

cygwin documentation: diffutils is part of the Utils packages.


Modified: trunk/doc/general.texi
--- trunk/doc/general.texi	Thu Jul  9 19:35:56 2009	(r19392)
+++ trunk/doc/general.texi	Fri Jul 10 02:16:20 2009	(r19393)
@@ -887,7 +887,12 @@ or leverage the implementation in MinGW 
 Just install your Cygwin with all the "Base" packages, plus the
 following "Devel" ones:
-binutils, gcc-core, make, subversion, mingw-runtime, diffutils
+binutils, gcc-core, make, subversion, mingw-runtime
+ at end example
+And the following "Utils" one:
+ at example
 @end example
 The experimental gcc4 package is still buggy, hence please

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