[FFmpeg-cvslog] r19404 - in trunk: common.mak configure

Måns Rullgård mans
Sun Jul 12 23:34:47 CEST 2009

Stefano Sabatini <stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it> writes:

> On date Sunday 2009-07-12 21:57:17 +0100, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>> Stefano Sabatini <stefano.sabatini-lala at poste.it> writes:
>> > In the case it is already defined in the environment, CPPFLAGS is not
>> > defined, so all the -D_ISOC99_SOURCE etc. flags are not set and the
>> > compilation fails whenever they are required.
>> Why do you set CPPFLAGS in your environment?
> Well, I put it here years ago when I wasn't really sure about its
> usage, and it's most likely pretty useless now, anyway its mere
> definition in the environment shouldn't be a valid reason to make
> FFmpeg fail to compile.

For the record, almost any make variable set in the environment will
have strange effects.

>> Anyway, I'll see about fixing this.
> Many thanks.


M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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