[FFmpeg-cvslog] r18959 - in trunk: libavcodec/mpeg12.c tests/seek.regression.ref

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Thu Jun 18 18:15:56 CEST 2009

On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 07:46:52PM -0700, Mike Melanson wrote:
> New problem: Bit exactness is not maintained across platforms (PPC  
> differs from x86_32/64).

That should be debugged though.

> $BUILD_PATH/ffmpeg -idct simple -i  
> $SAMPLES_PATH/pva/PVA_test-partial.pva -t 0.6 -acodec copy -f framecrc -

Though "obviously" you should set the bitexact flag. And what is the output without
-vcodec? It would be silly if you ended up encoding to MPEG2 or something (I never
bothered to find out how the default is determined).

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