[FFmpeg-cvslog] r25931 - trunk/libavformat/asfdec.c

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Wed Dec 15 01:43:03 CET 2010

On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 09:41:39PM +0100, Reimar D?ffinger wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 14, 2010 at 12:21:20PM -0800, Baptiste Coudurier wrote:
> > >Sorry, I considered it "obvious". The ASF demuxer did not check the

uhm, maybe iam stupid but i had read your mail to mean that not this but the
previous commit caused the regression and for that it would not have been
obvious whats going on

> > >get_buffer return value. Thus for the last packet it did not realise
> > >only part of the data was read and the last part of the buffer was
> > >uninitialized. Then it shaked the whole thing and passed it on to the
> > >decoder. You can hardly blame the decoder for reading uninitialized
> > >data when it gets a buffer to decode where there's uninitialized data
> > >right in the middle. To avoid this issue, the demuxer now throws away
> > >any such incomplete packets. I didn't double-check much that this is
> > >what really happens, but I didn't see any reason to doubt this...
> > 
> > I thought we decided that the partial packet had to be demuxed ?
> > 
> > That is why we have av_shrink_packet, av_grow_packet, and stuff like that...
> Only av_shrink_packet is for thatg purpose.
> > Did somebody change his mind ?
> No. It's just that in this specific case it is a pain to do because the
> demuxer needs to juggle the data around and that's not something you
> can do if you have only half of it.
> And I am too lazy to think about if and when you could still do
> something reasonable.

then the end of the packet can be filled with zeros.
we seem to be loosing significant portions of valid audio with this and i
dont think this is good

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