[FFmpeg-cvslog] r22093 - trunk/libavcodec/ivi_dsp.c

kostya subversion
Sat Feb 27 15:08:07 CET 2010

Author: kostya
Date: Sat Feb 27 15:08:06 2010
New Revision: 22093

Strides in Indeo 5 reconstruction filter should be signed,
this way it works on 64-bit archs too.

Patch by Jind?ich Makovi?ka ($lastname without last letter and h??ek, gmail)


Modified: trunk/libavcodec/ivi_dsp.c
--- trunk/libavcodec/ivi_dsp.c	Sat Feb 27 13:32:31 2010	(r22092)
+++ trunk/libavcodec/ivi_dsp.c	Sat Feb 27 15:08:06 2010	(r22093)
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ void ff_ivi_recompose53(const IVIPlaneDe
     int32_t         p0, p1, p2, p3, tmp0, tmp1, tmp2;
     int32_t         b0_1, b0_2, b1_1, b1_2, b1_3, b2_1, b2_2, b2_3, b2_4, b2_5, b2_6;
     int32_t         b3_1, b3_2, b3_3, b3_4, b3_5, b3_6, b3_7, b3_8, b3_9;
-    uint32_t        pitch, back_pitch;
+    int32_t         pitch, back_pitch;
     const IDWTELEM *b0_ptr, *b1_ptr, *b2_ptr, *b3_ptr;
     /* all bands should have the same pitch */

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