[FFmpeg-cvslog] r24324 - trunk/doc/faq.texi

diego subversion
Mon Jul 19 11:13:56 CEST 2010

Author: diego
Date: Mon Jul 19 11:13:56 2010
New Revision: 24324

Remove outdated entries about bt8x8 capture on Linux 2.4 kernels.


Modified: trunk/doc/faq.texi
--- trunk/doc/faq.texi	Mon Jul 19 10:56:55 2010	(r24323)
+++ trunk/doc/faq.texi	Mon Jul 19 11:13:56 2010	(r24324)
@@ -196,19 +196,6 @@ quite logical that there is a small redu
 Use @file{-} as file name.
- at section Why does the chrominance data seem to be sampled at a different time from the luminance data on bt8x8 captures on Linux?
-This is a well-known bug in the bt8x8 driver. For 2.4.26 there is a patch at
-(@url{http://svn.ffmpeg.org/michael/trunk/patches/bttv-420-2.4.26.patch?view=co}). This may also
-apply cleanly to other 2.4-series kernels.
- at section How do I avoid the ugly aliasing artifacts in bt8x8 captures on Linux?
-Pass 'combfilter=1 lumafilter=1' to the bttv driver. Note though that 'combfilter=1'
-will cause somewhat too strong filtering. A fix is to apply (@url{http://svn.ffmpeg.org/michael/trunk/patches/bttv-comb-2.4.26.patch?view=co})
-or (@url{http://svn.ffmpeg.org/michael/trunk/patches/bttv-comb-2.6.6.patch?view=co})
-and pass 'combfilter=2'.
 @section -f jpeg doesn't work.
 Try '-f image2 test%d.jpg'.

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