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Sat Jul 31 02:05:40 CEST 2010

Author: darkshikari
Date: Sat Jul 31 02:05:39 2010
New Revision: 480

add myself to consulting page


Modified: trunk/src/consulting
--- trunk/src/consulting	Sun Jul 18 14:59:09 2010	(r479)
+++ trunk/src/consulting	Sat Jul 31 02:05:39 2010	(r480)
@@ -81,3 +81,9 @@
 He has special expertise in optimisation for embedded targets.  You
 can contact him by email at <a href="mailto:mans at mansr.com">mans at mansr.com</a>.
+<h2>Jason Garrett-Glaser</h2>
+Jason is located in Los Angeles, US and is available for contracting work.
+He has worked on FFmpeg since 2008 and has had SVN access since 2008.  He is also the lead x264 developer and has special expertise in H.264 and other modern lossy video formats, as well as x86 SIMD assembly optimization.  You can contact him by email at <a href="mailto:darkshikari at gmail.com">darkshikari at gmail.com</a>.

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