[Ffmpeg-devel] vcd file support

Justin B. Ruggles jruggle
Sat Jul 2 17:39:16 CEST 2005

Prashant Patil wrote:
> Can anyone tell me that , is ffmpeg support .DAT (vcd files)
> decoding.if yes plz. tell me what are the options to be given as a
> input soas to support vcd files decoding.

VCD files are actually disc images, and therefore are just a ISO9660
filesystem with MPEG2 video, mp2 audio, and other stuff.  From what I
can tell, FFMpeg does not support accessing this data within its ISO
container.  MPlayer, however, does.

> Is it possible to add any patch in order to support vcd (.dat) files.?

Well, it's certainly possible.  The easiest way I can think of would be
to read as little ancilliary information as possible and just jump
straight to the a/v track.  The way that it's wrapped also is an issue.
 The data on a vcd file, unlike a standard iso file, is in type2/form2,
so it contains the full raw cd frames rather than just the data.

I actually made a little program about a year ago that read svcd images
and piped out the mpeg, but I seem to have misplaced it...oops.  I think
vcdimager might come with a similar program though.

See vcdimager, libcdio, ISO9660 and other related cdrom specs for more
detailed info.


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