[Ffmpeg-devel] Any suggestions about "press [q] to stop encoding" with "using-stdin"?

Bo Xie xiebopublic
Sat May 7 08:07:10 CEST 2005


   I know if I use stdin I can not "press [q] to stop encoding". But I
really want to use this feature. Any suggestions are welcome and

Best Regards,
Xie Bo

PS. Problem Describtion
I modify mplayer to pipe mplayer and ffmpeg like "mplayer dvd://1 -of
mpeg -oac copy -ovc copy | ffmpeg -i - ... -f 3gp a.3gp" (ffmpeg can
not DeCSS DVD, while mplayer can do it. MPlayer can not create .3gp,
while ffmpeg can do it.). It works well. But I want to pause ffmpeg
sometimes. If I Ctrl+C or kill ffmpeg process, the result .3gp file
crashes. Then I want to pause it and let the result .3gp works (with
correct index). One of my stupid idea is let ffmpeg check a file(eg.
pause.txt) every 5 seconds, if the content of pause.txt is YES, it
stops encoding. Looking forward to better idea.

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