[Ffmpeg-devel] h264 decoder on ARM cpu

Gábor Kovács picard
Tue May 10 22:24:10 CEST 2005

I think I found a memory access alignment problem in h264.c line 1379 (when b8_stride is odd):

*(uint16_t*)&s->current_picture.ref_index[list][b8_xy + y*h->b8_stride]= (LIST_NOT_USED&0xFF)*0x0101;

(I split it into two uint8_t access)

This is my first post here. Great project!

Btw I'am currently playing a low quality h264 clip on a Tungsten T|3 PDA using libavcodec decoder. Not very fast, but in the future 
I'am sure it will get faster.

bye, Picard / TCPMP

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