[Ffmpeg-devel] Memory leakage when using libavcodec with ffmpeg2theora

Viktor Kompaneyets vato
Wed May 11 16:23:04 CEST 2005

? ????????? ?? ?????, 11-???-2005 16:54 Guillaume POIRIER ???????(a):
> Should you upload that file on MPlayerhq, please trim it to the strict
> minimum required to trigger that overflow. Just so that people have a
> chance to download it in a reasonable time, and so that it doesn't
> needlessly waste disk space.

The problem of that kind is time-depending. On smaller file you can find that 
leakage is too small (couple of kilbytes per minute), but for 27x7 
application - too large. 

Viktor Kompaneyets
Wnet ISP

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