[Ffmpeg-devel] strange pkt.pts values

Stefan Lucke stefan
Thu May 12 21:55:48 CEST 2005


with one of my test streams (formerly crashed) I'm getting strange pts values:

Vi: pkt.pts -68339305 (fffffffffbed3997) pkt.dts -68339305 (fffffffffbed3997)
Vi: pkt.pts -68337145 (fffffffffbed4207) pkt.dts -68337145 (fffffffffbed4207)
Au: pkt.pts 8521637826 (00000001fbeddfc2) pkt.dts 8521627026 (00000001fbedb592)
Au: pkt.pts 8521630626 (00000001fbedc3a2) pkt.dts 8521630626 (00000001fbedc3a2)
Au: pkt.pts 8521634226 (00000001fbedd1b2) pkt.dts 8521634226 (00000001fbedd1b2)
Au: pkt.pts -9223372036854775808 (8000000000000000) pkt.dts 8521637826 (00000001fbeddfc2)

printfs are done with:
fprintf(stderr,"Vi: pkt.pts %lld (%016llx) pkt.dts %lld (%016llx)\n",

Which bit resolution has pts (33 or 34) ?

Stefan Lucke

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