[Ffmpeg-devel] Re:A Bug in libavcodec\h264.c ?

Chengji Zhao czhao
Fri May 13 00:52:27 CEST 2005

Hi, Michael

I do not agree that either one is correct.
In the case of the left MB pair is frame MB encoded and the current MB 
pair is  a field MB pair, then the left _type[0] and left_type[1]
could be different.

By the way, I think I find another bug in the code, again it is a typing 
in function fill_default_ref_list(), after the two lists are 
constructed, there is a portion to swap
the two first elements of L1 when L0 and L1 are indentical.  The 
following is the original code

 Picture temp= h->default_ref_list[1][0];
                    h->default_ref_list[1][0] = h->default_ref_list[1][1];
                    h->default_ref_list[1][0] = temp;

you can see that the two are not swapped.

Best regards

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