[Ffmpeg-devel] reentering code

Paolo Giacon pgiacon
Fri May 13 14:46:18 CEST 2005

so, following your suggestion i could perform contemporary h263 and
mpeg1video coding butnot two contemporary h263 coding. Is it right?
now i'll have a look on the module that u seggested!


>> ffmpeg code is not reentering. is there any config option to obtain
>> reentering dlls?
> It's called reentrant, and no there is no such option because some of
> us are unix fools and don't care about multithreading :P
> The best you can do is protecting the codec instanciation functions,
> see
> libavcodec/beosthread.c. I suggest implementing the same functions I
> did for win32: avcodec_thread_lock_lib() and
> avcodec_thread_unlock_lib().
> With that you can use codec contexts from different therads, but not
> the same ctx from 2 threads. Should be enough for most cases.
> Fran?ois.
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