[Ffmpeg-devel] trouble with h264.c

Scott Treude scott
Fri May 13 16:57:44 CEST 2005


thanks for the insight.  Wouldn't that be a problem with other codec's as well (like mpeg2)?  (I'm brand new with ffmpeg, so pardon my ignorance)

I assume that the reference picture is used to create the pictures (frames?) following it.  Is there a way to go backwards to the nearest reference pic to retrieve it and then jump forward to create the desired pictures?  Again, I'm talking out of my a** here, so I apologize ahead of time.


On Friday, May 13, 2005 10:41 AM, M?ns Rullg?rd <mru at inprovide.com> wrote:
>Scott Treude <scott at niceshoes.com> writes:
>> Hello,
>> I'm trying to convert an h264 quicktime to a series of ppm files and
>> I'm receiving the following error:
>> ffmpeg: h264.c:2316: mc_dir_part: Assertion `pic->data[0]' failed.
>> The command I'm using is:
>> /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -ss 100  -t .2 -i myMovie.mov test%d.ppm
>> It seems to work fine without the -ss; so is seeking a
>problem with h264?
>This is a know problem, at least to me.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure
>how to fix it.  The problem is that a reference picture used by the
>picture being decoded is unavailable, since it was before the point
>you started decoding at.
>Michael, Loren, what should we do about this?  It used to work, a long
>time ago.  IIRC, it broke around the time B-frame support was
>M?ns Rullg?rd
>mru at inprovide.com
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