[Ffmpeg-devel] One Bug found in h264.c

Chengji Zhao czhao
Tue May 17 09:09:12 CEST 2005

Hi, all

I think I find one more bug in h264.c
in function of  decode_ref_pic_list_reordering(H264Context *h)
The section that  handle reference picture reordering is not correct.
The problem is that before adjust the reference list, the old list is 
not shifted to make a room for the
reference picture which is going to be put on the top.

For example, if  the defualt list is   " A, B,C,D,E", and the syntax 
requires to put "E" to the top,
what the current code will generate is " E, B,C,D,E" instead of " E , A, 

Best regards

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