[Ffmpeg-devel] output vs. xiph's vorbis decoder - was Vorbis fix

Balatoni Denes dbalatoni
Wed May 18 21:51:41 CEST 2005


2005. m?jus 18. 20.57-kor M?ns Rullg?rd ezeket a bolcs gondolatokat fogalmazta 
> Something that worries me more, is that the lavc decoder produces
> somewhat different output than libvorbis.  The difference is not
> enough to be audible, but it's more than a result of different
> rounding methods.  Any ideas?

If it is not a bug in mdct coefficient decoding, than it is from the different 
imdct. In this case it doesn't really matter in my opinion, as even the 
reference floatingpoint mdct/imdct is not fully reverseble (I came accross a 
maximum error of 2, when using the [-32768,32767] range). 
Otherwise there could be measures taken, eg. not always returning the full 
buffer as consumed. But if the difference it is not audible, or not 
annoyingly audible why bother. :)


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