[Ffmpeg-devel] feeding lavf with a ByteIOContext ?

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Thu May 19 01:21:05 CEST 2005


On Thursday 19 May 2005 00:50, Aurelien Jacobs wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to use lavf, but I wanted to feed it with my own source of data.
> (not a file nor an url).
> I've seen 2 ways to do this with lavf :
>  - using an URLProtocol with a fake protocol
>  - using directly a ByteIOContext
> For my purpose I really don't need all the overhead of URLProtocol so
> I would like to use ByteIOContext directly. The URLProtocol seems well
> supported but not the ByteIOContext, so I first would like to know if
> ByteIOContext is really meant to be used outside of lavf or if it's
> reserved for internal purpose ?
> I finally managed to get ByteIOContext working directly, setting it
> with init_put_byte and then using av_open_input_stream. But I had
> to workaround a problem in lavf. In few places, lavf "suppose" that
> the ByteIOContext struct was built through an URLProtocol, and
> uses url_fileno to get the URLProtocol related to this ByteIOContext.
> This obviously crashes when using ByteIOContext directly.
> It was quite simple to avoid all those url_fileno calls in lavf, so
> here is a patch.
> The only 2 remaining url_fineno calls are in yuv.c and are used to
> determine and generate the filenames for the Y,U and V planes, so I
> guess that anyway, yuv.c will never be usable with a single
> ByteIOContext.
> So what about this patch ? is it the right thing to do ? should I
> commit it ? (tested with make test and with mplayer -demuxer 35)

killing the url_fileno() hack is certainly good, so patch ok, commit it
though i dont know if ByteIOContext was originally supposed to be used 
directly or not, but i see no reason why it shouldnt if it works


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