[Ffmpeg-devel] Genre information is not retrieved from asf files (hence also from wma files) - patch provided

Ronen Mizrahi ronen
Fri May 20 20:50:18 CEST 2005

I have noticed that the genere is not extracted from asf headers of asf 
files, and I patched it so that it will. The only problem is that I am a 
newbie with ffmpeg and I am not familiar with your patching methods. 
Until I will become more familiar with them I thought I will just post 
here the one line of code I added so that others can also use it. If 
there is anyone of the more experienced people that wouldn't mind adding 
this line to asf.c I would be very grateful.

After line 335 which currently says:

if (strcmp(name,"WM/AlbumTitle")==0) { pstrcpy(s->album, sizeof(s->album), value); }

I added:

else if (strcmp(name, "WM/Genre")==0) { strcpy(s->genre, value); }

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