[Ffmpeg-devel] int vs. float: Hard Numbers

Mike Melanson mike
Sat May 21 01:31:34 CEST 2005

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> Of course these are implementation faults.  QuickTime and native DVD
> players have absolutely sufficient performance.  On second thought, so
> has vlc.  Something fishy is going on with MPlayer on PPC, I'll have to
> investigate :-/

	Don't feel too bad. xine can not decode AAC correctly on my AMD64, but 
MPlayer can.

> Anyway, my point was that you cannot just look at the CPU alone, you
> have to look at the environment it runs.

	And we must not lose sight of the original purpose of this exercise: 
Proving to Felker that integer operations are not necessarily always the 
best option. :)

	-Mike Melanson

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