[Ffmpeg-devel] lowres

Roine Gustafsson roine
Sat May 21 15:32:53 CEST 2005

"-lowres 1" seems broken in ffmpeg. It either produces a 
full-resolution frame with a incorrect lowres image in it, or breaks 
with segmentation fault in draw_edges_c. It doesn't seem to take in 
account that the resulting image will be smaller.

lowres does work in libavcodec - my own code works and mplayer works.
Which codecs support lowres decode? Is h.264 supposed to work? 
Shouldn't there be some attribute you can query if a codec supports 
lowres or not?

Also, I get quite alot of artifacts with lowres on high motion parts 
that touches edges (both in mplayer and in my code). Is this a known 
limitation of lowres or a bug?

Is CODEC_FLAG_EMU_EDGE a requirement for lowres? When is that flag 


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