[Ffmpeg-devel] fprintf absence when i call functions from dlls

Martin Boehme boehme
Thu May 26 17:04:26 CEST 2005

Hi Paolo,

> i'm using avcodec and avformat dll on my visual studio project (as most of
> u probably remember :-)
> when i call the routines from the dll all is ok! But if a printf(...)
> instructions are present in the sourcecode fo the dll functions, it is not
> executed.
> why? how can i see all the printf stuff when i call the dlls?
> thanks 4 your attention

Maybe this is because the lavc/lavf DLLs link with the GNU libc and 
Visual Studio links in its own libc -- and then they get into a fight 
over the standard file handles?

Have you tried compiling a small test program with MinGW? Does the same 
thing happen there?


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