[Ffmpeg-devel] support or cooperation

marosh marosh3
Mon May 30 15:16:20 CEST 2005


my name is marian bayer and i am from a slovak company webfork a.s.
i am looking for some support for our commercial project.

in short, we need to parse some dvd info.

I would feel very glad, should you find such a cooperation interesting.
I think, this will be a commercial kind of cooperation, because of the 
character of our project.

However, I would appreciate any kind of answer, or if you know somebody 
who would be interested.

thank you and have a nice day.

my work e-mail: bayer at jtfg.sk
my home e-mail: marosh3 at gmail.com

please contact me on my home e-mail (marosh3 at gmail.com)
the work email is currently off.
thanks again.

 M a r i a n   B a y e r
 P r o g r ? m a t or
 W e b f o r k    a . s .
 Lama?sk? cesta 3
 841 04  Bratislava
 +421 903 743 114

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