[Ffmpeg-devel] MPEG4 Hardware compression

Vincent Derrien vincent.listes
Tue May 31 13:16:35 CEST 2005


Currently I stream an entire DVB-T frequency with VLC/FFMPEG. The  
network flow is 3mb/s MPEG2 per channel with a total of 6 channels.

For constraints, I need a stream between 1 and 2 mb/s. I think about  
one solution :
- Encode in real time MPEG4. For this, I've tried transcodage with  
VLC but each channel use 1,5 Ghz of CPU which do 9 Ghz with 6  
channels. In this case, does it exist MPEG4 real time card for  
hardware encode working with Linux and VLC /FFMPEG ?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and your advises.


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