[Ffmpeg-devel] AVI Container Duration Incorrect

Paul Curtis pfc
Tue May 31 15:38:41 CEST 2005

Michael Niedermayer wrote:

> http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/download/odmlff2.pdf

I have reviewed the OpenDML extensions for AVIs > 1GB. It doesn't look 
difficult to implement, however, I do have some "process" questions.

1. The extended AVI headers introduce a new header that must be included 
  at the beginning of AVI. It is unclear whether having that header 
("hdrx") included in an AVI < 1GB in size will break anything. Any comments?

2. To provide for larger file sizes, I would need to either estimate 
whether the output file would be > 1GB in size, or provide an option (or 
a different output format) to enable the use of the extended headers and 
multiple RIFF blocks. Any preference or comments?

3. The document above specifies a "real file length" field in the "hdrx" 
chunk but doesn't specify its size. Any ideas on where to get a 
definitive answer? ('mplayer' has read code for this, but I hesitate to 
copy it without another reference)

4. While encoding, what is the most efficient way to determine the 
current file size?


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