[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [RFC] ffmpeg-windows mailinglist?

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Thu Aug 3 18:48:23 CEST 2006

Hi Diego,

On Thu, 2006-08-03 at 18:21 +0200, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 03, 2006 at 09:00:02AM +0200, Luca Abeni wrote:
> > 
> > Ok, I tried, and I had 3 small problems:
> > 2) As already noticed by others, executables are linked to
> > libav{util,codec,format}-major.dll, but libav{util,codec,format}.dll are
> > installed. I fixed this by changing $(SLIBNAME) with
> > $(SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR) in the install-lib-shared rule. But I do not know
> > if this is the right solution (anyway, linking to one library and
> > installing a different one seems strange ;-)
> Please try the attached patch.
Ok; I'll test it as soon as I find a windows machine. But looking at the
patch I think it should work (unless I am misunderstanding it).


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