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Tue Aug 8 11:28:37 CEST 2006

Hi !

I mean that if the image has 256 lines, line 0 in ffmpeg should be line 255 in OpenGL, line 1 shold be swapped to line 254 etc.

Basically you can say that OpenGL uses a vertical flipped image. instead of issue a flipImage in my code I would like to convert the image on the fly to a vertical flipped image.

This is the case for OpenGL. DirectX doesn't need flipping.

You can of cource flip texture coordinates in your model when you are using video textures, but this makes the model uncompatible with normal textures as thy get flipped in that case.


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>ffmpeg devel tooltech wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I am working on a viewer using OpenGL textures and in that case it would 
>> be great to get the possibility to swap the order of the lines in a 
>> RGB24 image when converted from other formats.
>> If this would be interesting to more people, would it be best to 
>> introduce a new format or would it be ok with a new function or a 
>> parameter instead ?
>Can you explain a bit more what this format looks like? I have never 
>heard of an application for an RGB24 image with "lines swapped". But I 
>also know that 3D graphics hardware can require strange things of source 
>Do you mean that lines 0 and 1 are swapped, 2 and 3, 4, and 5, etc.? If 
>so, I was wondering what theoretical foundation drives this design?
>	-Mike Melanson
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