[Ffmpeg-devel] Mailman topics

Michael Niedermayer michaelni
Sun Aug 13 00:27:50 CEST 2006


Ive created a few "topics" for the ffmpeg-dev list, topics are apparently
a more or less usefull feature of mailman to automatically categorize
mails, you, yes you :) can simply select which mails you wish to receive
and which not in that mailinglist config thingy to which every mail here
probably has a link to ...

following topics and corresponding regexps have been created
old         ffmpeg.0[.]4
vcpp        visual.c|\bmsvc\b|\bvc[+p][+p]\b
windows     mingw|cygwin
redhat      redhat|fedora

suggestions for improvments, comments and flames are welcome
but !!!this is experimental and may or may not work as expected!!! (=
mails might be misscategorized) and we might choose to remove the topic
stuff again !

ideally we would have a ffmpeg-windows list and mails which match filters
like the old|vcpp|windows would be held for moderator approval on all
other lists (yes the redhat topic is a joke please calm down ...)

but there are 2 problems
1. create ffmpeg-windows ... hello admin team @ mphq? if you dont want
   to create it please say so, but simply silently ignoring me isnt nice
2. how do i get mailman to filter the body of mails and hold them for
   approval then, i only found bounce_matching_headers and 
   header_filter_rules which sound like they would only check the headers :(

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