[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] AVISynth support

Inc. the.incredible
Thu Aug 17 19:49:53 CEST 2006

Gentlemen ....
Do you know the "AvsRedirect.dll" project which makes ffmpeg capable 
handling Avsiynth Scripts?

In this link you can see a ffmpeg-051130-0.33.tar.gz 
sourcecode including the part for accessing that dll.
The AVSredirect001.zip 
itself can be downloaded further below incl. the Source.

AvsRedirect could be implemented into ffmpeg as it calls the 
avisynth.dll in the users system.
And even its c++ code theres also a C-port from Kevin Atkinson available 
so avisynth system dll can also be easely accessed in C directly.

BUT AFAIK the C Interface has been implemented into the avisynth.dll 
iself since some time, so imho youll only need the avisynth_c.h for
accessing the user systems Avisynth.dll using C.

So you'd also look at the original Avisynth Sources provided here: 

But the easiest way would be taking the needed code from the ffmpeg-mod 
shown above where the external dll is accessed if an avisynth script 
file is the source.
So no big need to get that much into the code of ffmpeg, as the avisynth 
reading routines theirselfes do come within the dll.
If a Users wants avisynth support, he just puts a copy of that dll to 
the ffmpegs folder .... et voil?.

Just thoughts ... ;)

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