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Aly Cisse aly.noden
Fri Aug 25 00:40:25 CEST 2006

I am happy to see that i am not the only interested by that.
Thank you for advice first.
What I intend to do is not a rewriting of the actual documentation but I
intend to completly change the restructuration of the documentation, to make
easier to people (and me as well)
to use ffmpeg or code using libavcodec and libavformat.
Of course i wil use and read (again) the documentation which is already
exist but I am also looking for people who can answer some questions I will
have because I am not a really good user of ffmpeg (but i know how write

I explain quickly what i intend to do:

Explain technical concept or redirect people to definitions of technical
concept necessary to use and understand ffmpeg.
Explain from a general point of view how it works and the general structure
of this program.
Better documentation of the API
Example of code using ffmpeg api

I would like as well ameliorate the presentation of the documentation.

2006/8/24, V?ctor Paesa <wzrlpy at arsystel.com>:
> Hi,
> > Hello it's been few weeks that i am browsing source code and website
> about
> > ffmpeg (i am quite slow) and i think there is not enough documentation.
> > That's why i really would like write documentation.
> > I am serious about it and i think it will be usefull for everybody.
> Thanks, your effort will be appreciated.
> > If someone can tell me how do it and if i can have some explanation
> about
> > it, i will be happy to do it.
> > Thanks
> The documentation you browsed in the website is kept as a set of
> Texinfo files. You may edit them with plain "vi", run make, and check for
> correctness the generated HTML with any web browser.
> You might (in order of difficulty):
> a) Check if the output of "ffmpeg" or "ffmpeg -formats" is properly
> documented in "ffmpeg-doc.texi"
> b) Check if the frequently asked questions in the maillists are properly
> documented in "faq.texi"
> c) Read regularly the ffmpeg-devel and add to the docs any
> controversial/dark point that is explained and declared to be the TRUTH by
> the maintainers (their names appear in the MAINTAINERS file).
> Regarding the how to:
> a) is usually a good idea to spell-check what you write,
> b) use short sentences,
> c) avoid elaborate lexicon, jargon, etc.
> d) use examples,
> so that what you write is easier to understand.
> Then you are to submit a patch following the indications in the
> "Submitting patches" documentation.
> Your patch will reviewed grammatically (by maintainers that have English
> as first language), and semantically (by maintainers that lead each area).
> After a few revisions, your patch eventually will be incorporated
> into SVN.
> Regards,
> V?ctor Paesa
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