[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Wildcard and catalog image sequences

Michel Bardiaux mbardiaux
Wed Aug 30 15:17:59 CEST 2006

Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> Hi
> iam certainly in favor or a more compact way but IMO interpretation of 
> wildcards belongs to the shell, all other unix tools are designed that way too
> [...]
>>>> And anyway you still could use the shell wildcards if so desired, I 
>>>> forgot to give real life examples. The following 4 are quivalent in my 
>>>> test tree:
>>> its not about being able to do it its about having code in svn which is
>>> superfluous, one of the most important goals is to keep the code simple
>>> not to include stuff which serves no purpose
>> Numbered sequences are in the library, so they can be used from client 
>> applications, not necessarily from the command line in the shell. IMO if 
>> the wildcard sequences are unacceptable, then the numbered ones should 
>> disappear too (for input at least). Is that what you're proposing, to 
>> replace numbered by *-delimited?
> iam not opposed to remove %d support if the same effect can be achived
> differently ...
>> And what if the command line becomes overly long for shells not as 
>> generouslt parametrized as in Linux?
> thats a problem indeed, leaving the @some_url in there seems to be the best
> solution

Things seem to condense as: drop support of %-sequences for input, in 
favor of @url with the special case @-; relying on the shell for 
wildcards and numbering (using seq). Ah, but if there are only cataloged 
sequences then @ is no longer necessary!

A minor PITA for client apps is that they will need a temp file; I 
havent yet found an alternative for sequences generated in memory.

>> get_frame_filename_numbered OK?
> ok, but the renaming should be a seperate patch

In this case maybe not: the rename is totally useless *unless* new types 
of sequences are introduced. And if only @-sequences are used, that 
rename is irrelevant.

> [...]

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