[Ffmpeg-devel] broken build

Xavier Noria fxn
Sat Dec 2 21:24:07 CET 2006

On Dec 1, 2006, at 10:28 PM, Mike Melanson wrote:

> Xavier Noria wrote:
>> I am trying to compile ffmpeg on Ubuntu from a fresh checkout using
>>   ./configure --enable-mp3lame --enable-static --disable-vhook
>> and get the error copied below. Compiling export-2006-12-01 gives  
>> the same error.
>> Is that known? Could you recommend a recent revision that compiles?
> Your configuration step apparently saw fit not to link the dl  
> library. What kind of system are you running on?
> If you check, 'ffmpeg' was probably built just fine. It looks like  
> just ffserver that is giving you trouble.

Right, ffmpeg wasn't actually built but with that hint I could get it  
passing --disable-ffserver --disable-ffplay. Platform is a recent  
Ubuntu on x86.

Now another issue has arosen, I compiled lame-3.97 and installed  
before, and compiled ffmpeg with --enable-mp3lame (the objective is  
to convert video to flv for a website). The output of ./configure  
lists it as enabled:

   zlib enabled     yes
   libgsm enabled   no
   mp3lame enabled  yes
   libnut enabled   no

but lame is not found:

   fxn at larry:~/tmp$ ffmpeg -i trailer.wmv -acodec mp3 trailer.flv
   ffmpeg: error while loading shared libraries: libmp3lame.so.0:
   cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

albeit it lives here:

   fxn at larry:~/tmp$ ls /usr/local/lib/*lame* -1

Isn't that a standard location?

-- fxn

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