[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Correct inttypes.h emulation for VisualStudio

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml
Wed Dec 6 00:27:46 CET 2006

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
>>> And don't even think about plugging the thing into a different USB
>>> port...
>>> Oh well, I guess it's supposed to be user friendly in some way ;-)
>> It's a strange way, cause Flash drive is recognized depending on its
>> Device Instance Id, without any relation to USB port and device serial num!
> Flash drives (or any USB mass storage devices) are funny in another
> way too.  Try mapping a network drive to the first non-HD/CDROM
> letter, then plug in a USB drive.  Watch in awe and wonder as windows
> gives the USB drive the *same* letter as your network drive.
> For some more windows fun, find a computer with a builtin flash card
> reader connected to internal USB.  Click the "safely remove hardware"
> icon, and choose to "remove" the builtin card reader.  Enjoy rebooting
> to get it back.
> Windows is so much more fun than Linux... always ready with a
> surprise to spice up your day.

My favorite is how Windows automagically changes the drive letter of the 
boot partition, making it impossible to login with any username.


That happened to me when I plugged a spare drive into mom's computer. 
The spare had an old Windows installation on it, and the corresponding 
partition was marked as D:, just like on the regular drive. Even though 
the system booted from the regular drive, Windows didn't like the 
conflict and decided to permanently change the drive letter of its own 
boot partition rather than the partition on the spare.

I can't even remember how I managed to deal with that; none of the 
solutions listed in the KB page above worked for me. I stayed up half 
the night trying to fix it because I was going to drive home the next day.


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